The Future of JavaScript and Async Programming

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Generators, the proposed “await” keyword and Promises give us several ways to handle async programming.

Libraries such as Bacon.js and RxJs make reactive JavaScript development more approachable than ever.

We’ll talk about why this is so important, and how choosing the right pattern can leave you with a more maintainable, scalable and extensible project.

Key topics-

Native promises and performance

ES2015/ES2016 Iterators & Generators

Reactive extensions

Topic 1: Sequence without Loops

We'll be hearing from Ariya Hidayat (, creator of PhantomJS and Esprima and VP of Engineering at Shape Security.

"Can we generate Fibonacci sequences, compute factorials, and discover prime numbers without using explicit loops at all? Of course! All we need is to (ab)use the built-in JavaScript Array object."

Topic 2: RxJS and Reactive Programming

Ben Lesh (, Senior UI Engineer at Netflix covers our next topic.

There is a certain amount of hype behind the word "reactive" right now, but what does it mean to be "reactive" and how will it benefit your application?

Ben Lesh will discuss the basics of Reactive Programming with RxJS and how those tools and concepts benefitted his team in the development of Argus, a realtime streaming dashboard for the Netflix cloud.

Lightning Talks

Async & await with Mike North (

ES7 Decorators using Babel with Jay Phelps (