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The purpose of this group is to promote and encourage others in the community to practice more self-love and self-care. The Self Care Magic group will be doing activities that improve physical health, mental health and emotional health, as well as social-events to get us more connected.

I have been a Certified Massage Therapist in Modesto for over 10 years and have my B.S. in Kinesiology/Exercise Science. I am going to have regularly scheduled meet ups at local parks where we can do some therapeutic stretching together for pain-relief and improve mobility. Those interested can also pair up and learn how to do some shiatsu massage techniques on a partner in the group too. I will talk about mindfulness exercises and techniques that can be used to relieve tension and reduce stress.

I am on a fitness and health journey myself-- and would like to have some healthy cooking/meal prep type of get togethers and/or videos available to those in the group. I would like to host some hiking trips and will let you know ahead of time whether they are recommended for those with low fitness level or moderately fit. It could be fun to take more relaxing day trips to the beach/bay area together or Pinecrest too.

I will be making some suggestions on great mental health care topic books, we could get together to discuss them, but because I am not a psychotherapist, I am going to be recommending you guys seek out trauma-support groups, addiction-support groups, grief-support groups, etc.. that are lead by legit psychologists and counselors. There are some great free support groups online and free (or low cost) support groups here in person.

I am open to activity suggestions from group members. The only rules are just to treat others with respect, please no preaching your politics or religious opinions to others. Let's lift eachother up and not tear one another down!

If there are any great free or low-cost events happening in the area that are related to health and self-care, but I know I won't be able to attend/host, then I will post these events down in the discussion area which is below where events are listed on the Self Care Magic page. There might be some great events that interest you--- you could go on your own or with a friend/family to these.

Upcoming events (4+)

Acrylic Paint Night - class at Mistlin Gallery in Modesto

Needs a location

This relaxed Thursday evening class is your chance to explore acrylic painting techniques using mediums to achieve different effects. Open to all adults 18+. All skill levels welcome. Materials included. Cost $45 please buy your ticket either online here: Thursday Acrylic Painting – Central California Art Association at Mistlin Gallery (ccaagallery.org)
in the note upon checkout write "Oct 6th class" so you are registered for that date and time.

or purchase your ticket in person at the Mistlin Art Gallery[masked] located at: 1015 J street Modesto, Ca 95354.
They are downtown on J street, between 10th and 11th.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Draw a nude model - at Mistlin Art Gallery / 18+ yrs old only

Needs a location

Bring your own sketchpad, pencils and erasers and come draw a nude model. No pre-registration needed, pay $10 at the door. Adults only, no one under 18. I personally do not have much art experience, this is just something I thought would be fun to try to do on a Wednesday night--- there is no instructor, so we are just on our own.

Please be respectful of the model and use mature behavior--
this event will be at the Mistlin Gallery in downtown Modesto.

See you there!

Downtown Festival - food, music, crystals, mediums, art, jewelry vendors...

Join me in downtown Modesto at the Love & Light Festival!

Admission: Free

Whether you believe in mystics & mediums or not, there's plenty of fun things to see at this festival... there will be music, food, free games, tons of vendors selling art, Halloween decor, crystals, dream catchers, jewelry & more! Family-friendly, bring your kids if you want!

I will be there 12:15p-1:45p (I have to return to work after that, but you are all welcome to continue hanging out together if you so choose.)

I can message my phone# the day before to all of those who RSVP so you will be able to find our group easier.

Sacred Space 339 i street, Modesto, CA 95354

Manage Anxiety & Stress Discussion + Journaling Activity

Needs a location

We will be meeting up at the Queen Bean Coffee Shop to socialize with others in the group & discuss Anxiety + Stress Management.

*Negative thoughts
*Irrational thoughts & fears
*Stress from work, relationships
*Rumination over the past
*C-PTSD & PTSD (this can be mistaken for anxiety sometimes)

Tips on things to do to relieve anxiety and stress, including what to do if you're having a panic or anxiety attack.

Please bring a notebook or journal + a pen or pencil with you.
I will be reading a couple writing prompts and want you to write in your journals. No one is going to read the journal except for you--- it is for deeper understanding of yourself and your true feelings and thoughts about different things.

Journaling can help you reflect deeper inwards so that you can find out who is your authentic self, and what you really need to do to start living your life in a way that is more authentic and truer to your values and desires.

We will end this meetup with Guided: Progressive Muscle Relaxation*

P.S. Keep an eye out for things I post in the discussion section of the group. I post free yoga classes, meditation classes, and other info that I think you would all find to be helpful or interesting in the discussion section of our group on meetup. =)

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