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The MODX Bug Hunt is an international event where we squash as many MODX bugs as possible. The MODX issue tracker has the odd tendency to rise to a huge number every now and then. As loyal MODX users, we give it a healthy kick once in a while to keep it on a healthy level.

The MODX Bug Hunt takes place on modxbughunt.com and in the #modxbughunt channel on the modx.org slack channel.

What to expect:
- That amazing feeling of being part of the MODX community.
- Prizes! Yes, besides getting major thanks from the whole community, you can also win prizes for fixing bugs.
- Live stream from the Sterc offices, where you are also invited to! Please join us at our offices or join with your own stream.
- Scoreboard on modxbughunt.com
- Unique badges, to be awarded after the hunt. Who doesn't want to be called the "Evasion ninja" for closing the most issues which can't be reproduced.

Let's cleanse our issue tracker and join our MODX Bug Hunt on March 10th, 2017.

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Bug Hunt#3 - Get new features tested and into MODX!

Gasthaus Grünenwald

Let's cleanse our issue tracker and join the MODX Bug Hunt day!

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