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We are no longer meeting at First Baptist Church.

We are meeting once about once a month alternating between the Vegetarian House in San Jose and somewhere near Palo Alto.

*We used a Multipure Water Filter (http://yourhealthandjoy.com/multipure-water/) for the cooking at Monday Dinners. There are the best water filters.

Drinking clean water is very important to your health and wellbeing.

Eight glasses of water is NOT the right amount for everybody, especially vegetarians! The proper amount of water for your body will vary depending on your size, your diet and your daily activities.

Proper hydration keeps you from experiencing heat exhaustion or stroke, helps you to cool down in hot weather, aids your muscles and joints to work properly, helps you to maintain healthy skin and much more.

Check out all the water filters Multipure provides. (http://yourhealthandjoy.com/multipure-water/)

If you need help placing and order, contact: Patricia@ YourHealthandJoy.com or 650-285-1867

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Dinner at Veggie Grill

veggie grill

Dinner at Garden Fresh in Palo Alto

460 Ramona St

Dinner at Veggie Grill

veggie grill

Vegan Dinner Gathering Sunday Oct 14th

Vegetarian House

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