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We're thrilled to announce our first digital meetup on March 30, 14:00 (GMT).

The topic for this meetup will be the impacts of COVID-19 on DeFi & where our industry will go from here.

There will be four panels:

I/ COVID19 Pandemic: a trial by the fire for DeFi
--- The Crypto Black Thursday tested the resiliency of DeFi's ecosystem. What insights can we draw from this stress test?

- Gustav Arentoft (Maker Foundation - BD Europe)
- Kyle Kistner (bzX - co-founder)
- Mounir Benchemled (Paraswap - founder)
- Moderated by Valeria Kholostenko (Global Ecosystem and Strategic Partner Development)

II/ Exploring alternative approaches to design trustless stablecoins
--- In times of crisis - an unstoppable & stable currency is even more of a necessity: can we design a stablecoin able to withstand intense market activity?

- Allison Lu (UMA Protocol - co-founder)
- Stani Kulechov (Aave - CEO)
- Michael Egorov ( - CEO)
- Moderator: Mel Gelderman (Monolith - co-founder)

III/ DeFi for good: hacking communities
--- Can the crypto-economics, game theory & other learning drawn from cryptocurrencies help design the framework for sustainable communities?

- Ana Adria ( - founder)
- Aaron Foster (Aragon - Community)
- Francesco Renzi (rDAI - founder)
- Moderated by Makoto Inoue (ENS & Kickback)

IV/ Can DeFi help shape up the new world economy?
--- How DeFi is used to help individuals and communities face the challenges of the current crisis.

- Mischa (Monolith - CTO)
- Griff.eth
- Deniz (Kyber - Ecosystem Growth)
- Moderated by Pascal Tallarida (Jarvis Network)

The meet up will be streamed on Twitter, and all questions will be fed from our twitter feed:

Ask your questions here -

The video recording will be released shortly after the events conclusion.