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An occasional sanctuary from the meat and potatoes (crowd) and fish, and steak and venison, that is the diet of the majority of montaukets, local and summer residents included.

Meet Vegans who live in or near Montuak, New York. Aka 'The End'. Discuss veganism or the weather. Share your favorite (or least) 'V'ecipes and make, (or offend) new friends. The group welcomes vegans, vegetarians, and raw foodists.

Carnivores / Veggie Curious are welcome, but heckling the herd with yarns of animal targetry will result in offending Carni/Veggi/Curious finding themselves face to face with a table of foaming vegans, many of whom may be animal rights activists, and it is these such circumstances that underscore the ACT in activist.

In the unlikely event that such should transpire, I myself, being a pacifist, will hide under the table.

Seriously, the worst that could happen is someone deviously, inadvertently puts the sizzling tofu platter too close and the heckler gets their eyebrows singed off.

As evident by the intro, the only other prerequisite aside from dietary adherence/openmindedness, is a sense of humor. Those lacking will not be humored.

Here's looking forward to a good humored meal.

Again, we welcome Vegan, Vegetarians, Raw Foodists, and those seriously considering taking the leap

Bring your own bungee cord/parachute.

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