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Montréal dbt Meetup (in-person)

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Montréal dbt Meetup (in-person)


dbt Meetups are networking events open to all folks working with data! Talks predominantly focus on community members' experience with dbt, however, you'll catch presentations on broader topics such as analytics engineering, data stacks, data ops, modeling, testing, and team structures.

🤝 Organizer: Montreal Analytics
🗓️ Date and time: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 from 6PM to 9PM
🏠 Venue: Dialogue @ 455 Sainte-Hélène, Suite 200, Montréal QC H2Y 1T9

🕛 Agenda:
🔹 6 - 6:30PM | Registration and networking
🔹 6:30 - 7PM | Talk #1 + Q&A | Turn your tests into action points with dbt & elementary | Stéphane Burwash, Lead Data Ops Engineer @ Potloc
🔹 7 - 7:30PM | Talk #2 + Q&A | Iterative testing with dbt & data-diff | Will Sweet, Head of Product Experience @ Datafold
🔹 7:30 - 8PM | Talk #3 + Q&A | Enhancing Your Testing Strategy | Hassan Al-Rabea, Lead Data Consultant @ Montreal Analytics
🔹 8 - 9PM | Networking and refreshments 🍻

🎤 Talk #1: Turn your tests into action points with dbt & elementary

  • Description: Does having a bunch of tests guarantee good data quality? It doesn't (trust us, we know from experience 😞). Join us as we explore how our data team at Potloc turned tests into action items and measurable results using the power of elementary-data. We'll also highlight a couple of the many mistakes we made along the way, and how you can do better than us when implementing your own test suite!
  • Speaker Bio: With a background in data science and computer engineering, Stéphane is currently the lead Data Ops engineer at Potloc. His responsibilities include creating an maintaining data pipelines, as well as modelling data for use by downstream users. When he's not fixing bugs in production, he enjoys to cook and brew beer.

🎤 Talk #2: Iterative testing with dbt & data-diff

  • Description: When building dbt models, manual testing is still the most common way to check whether a change to your code had any unintended effects on the data. This process can slow down development and make you less likely to make changes in the future. Join us to learn how open-source data-diff can automate these tests, helping you develop quickly and confidently.
  • Speaker Bio: As Head of Data and Product Experience at Datafold, Will leads a team of data practitioners and engineers focused on internal analytics and open-source tooling. Prior to Datafold, Will was the Director of Data at, one of the leading test automation tools for modern web applications.

🎤 Talk #3: Enhancing Your Testing Strategy

  • Description: Join us as we zoom into the world of testing and uncover the vital role it plays in developing a data stack. Discover the difference between verification and validation testing and learn about three types of verification testing: efficacy, style, and performance. We’ll dive deep into efficacy testing, exploring the unique test, relationship test, and even an example with mock data. 📣 Technical folks or people who manage a team and need inspiration to help with their team’s efficiency, make sure to tune in!
  • Speaker Bio: Passionate about everything entrepreneurship, data & analytics engineering, Hassan is a Lead Data Consultant at Montreal Analytics. He loves empowering companies to take data-driven decisions and helping them with their analytics solutions. As a co-organizer of Montreal Startup Drinks, Hassan enjoys connecting with like-minded people and sharing his love of tech and startups.

🎟️ Special door prizes: We will be giving away 2 one-year licenses to any JetBrains IDE, such as PyCharm or DataGrip, courtesy of JetBrains.

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dbt is a data transformation framework that lets analysts and engineers collaborate using their shared knowledge of SQL. Through the application of software engineering best practices like modularity, version control, testing, and documentation, dbt’s analytics engineering workflow helps teams work more efficiently to produce data the entire organization can trust.
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Montréal dbt Meetup
Montréal dbt Meetup
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455 Rue Sainte-Hélène suite 200 · Montréal, QC