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Nous vous proposons ce mois-ci une soirée fiabilité. Karthik de chez Overops nous présentera les meilleures pratiques logicielles afin de s'assurer d'un cycle de développement / déploiement sans accrocs.

This month, we offer you a presentation about reliability - what's beyond CI/CD ?

In today's fast paced world, Organizations and DevOps teams face significant challenges, tasked to deliver code faster than ever: how do we balance agility and stability?
To address agility, many development and operations teams are turning to continuous integration (CI) and continuous development/deployment (CD), however, these practices often put stability at risk.
Often times, development teams have to choose between Speed, Quality and Reliability,

Enter Continuous Reliability. Continuous Reliability (CR) is a new framework that brings together automated code quality gates and contextual feedback loops within a CI/CD workflow to help organizations overcome the agility/stability paradox.
CR can mean the difference between hoping your code might work in production, and actually knowing it will.

In this session, Karthik Lalithraj, defines CR for attendees and demonstrate how they can implement this practice within the context of their organization’s own transformation.

The session follows the below outline:

– Introduce and define the concept of CR Quality Gates Feedback Loops

– How are enterprise organizations approaching this problem today and the challenges they are encountering

– The benefits of CR, how is CR implemented in a large telecom company.

– Key tools and best practices

– Q&A

== Bio ==

Karthik Lalithraj is a Principal Solutions Architect at OverOps with focus on Code Quality and Application Reliability for the IT Services industry.
With over 2 decades of software experience in a variety of roles and responsibilities, Karthik takes a holistic view at software architecture with special emphasis on helping enterprise IT organizations improve their service availability, application performance and scale.
Karthik has successfully helped recruit and build enterprise teams, architected, designed and implemented business and technical solutions with numerous customers in various business verticals.
Prior to OverOps, Karthik led the presales big data organization at Terracotta/Software AG.
Karthik has a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communication from the National Institute of Engineering in India.

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