What we're about

Welcome, to Mood Masters.

Our philosophy is simple: Mind your Mood, Master your Mind.

Once you get the hang of it, the world is your oyster.

Our purpose is clear: To first and foremost practice the calming of our mind—to sooth and tune our thinking patterns into a state of neutrality, a position of clarity, and then to establish ourselves there by developing the propensity to choose action and behavior in alignment with that clarity, yeilding rich and satisfying experience regardless of context.

The most important work any of us who are emptahic, self aware or sensitive can be about is the work of emotional preparation. For as we ready ourselves by being ready to be ready, period, we allow ourselves to act out our adaptive potential—regardless of the environment.

Meaning, we're able to say what we want, how we want to, and we're able to process momentary information more wholistically—moment by moment—and we're able be more present with those situations before us, becoming more and more receptive to the available support relative to the best possible outcome for us personally, and ultimtley all involved collectively.

This is what great improvisation is. This is harnessing true inspiration. This is how adaptive we are. This is how capable we are, how brilliant we all are. If only we prepare ourselves to be as such.

In yoga there is an understanding that to receive the benefits of practice students must align and coordinate thier focus, breath and movement. This is what we practice in Mood Masters. We calm our mind; aligning our focus and cultivating clarity, keep cadence with our breath; allowing Presence to dominate and reactiveness to fade, and participate in adaptive behavior; leading to deepening integrative action that yeilds desired outcomes, again—regardless of context.

I'm Daniel, leader of the pac. 👋🏼

I've been an actor for as long as I can recall, even before moving to LA, Vancouver and Toronto to persue it professionally. My forte has always been improvisation and situation comedy. I love creating responses to conditions, especially ones I know come from some broader, deeper aspect of myself. That "flow" state of alignment we hear so much about.

I've been a rambunctious seeker on the Spiritual path for my entire life, due mostly to having no choice as I was born with the curse of being hyper-empathic... It's not actually a curse, or so now I say... But there was a period of my life where it very well appeared to be.

That is, until I discovered meditation and began to live by the philosophy at the core of this group, about minding my mood to master mind. Everything else is a natural unfolding that I can now intelligently interact and work with. Co-creation.

I learned the only way to stand steady in the stream of constructive energy is to be self aware enough to pivot and guide our focus in earlier, subtle stages and ways so that we just don't veer or pop out of it as much.

Otherwise we may find ourselves constantly biting off more than we can chew, exhausting ourselves in the endevour of trying to chew thru it, never really ever being able to enjoy the creative process as we intended—let alone our lives in general.

This is where improv comes in. Improvisation can be described as "the activity of making or doing something that you have not planned, using whatever you find."

How this applies to the Spiritual principles we strive to apply and the personal truths we want to live in integrity with to shape our life is remarkably quite simple, and rather brilliant.

As we meditate and calm our minds we are priming ourselves automatically to be better at improvising. We "reset" to closer proximity to our natural and ever-evolving state of consciousness each time we sit and quiet our mind.

Those who sit to quiet their mind daily already know this. It's opens us to leverage on so many levels. We are far more vital, receptive and engaging. Plus, our mood is one of warmth, knowing, curiousity and excitement.

At our gatherings I will lead you thru the process of quieting your mind and finding solid grounds to improvise on whatever it is that is important to you; be it about your body, your relationships, your professional life, your financial situation and of course your own perspective of yourself as a person and a Spiritual being focusing as that person. The fun stuff, in my opinion. :)

This will in turn prepare you for exposure to the details of these subjects that you face in daily life, where you can demonstarate to yourself how well you can groom your own focus into higher grades that in turn will turn into your improvements, inspirations and more and more constructive manifestations.

I'm not here to market you my online courses and or to sell you a service. I'm not going to explain why you should join, attend and listen to what I have to share. I'm simple here for the ones who have been looking and waiting for something like this and someone like me to guide them further into who they know they are but who often slip from that embodiment, and who are tired of it—I'm here for the ones who want to sharpen their blade to be more effective in the field, for those who seek more agility in maneuvering into their answers, not just exoecting answers to be served to them on a plate.

The joy is in he journey, which holds discoveries, and the fun and freedom are truly felt when we are prepared for whatever it may lead us into—so we can rise above and expand beyond and feel the exhilaration of that process. As was intended.

If this is something that rings your bells, I reckon you check out a gathering and see if it's right for you.

The only requirement to attend is that you bring your own material, and you can't show empty hanelded. Meaning, I'm not going to just spew words at you about things. Although that happens a lot. You must come prepared with a situation you want to improve in your life, a relationship you want to reform, questions you want answers to, desires you want closer proximity to...

The more prepared you are in your clarity of asking the more potent the content of our conversation will be, and the more likely you will be to receive it more fully. Win win.

If you have any questions beyond what I've mentioned here send me a direct message and I'll be happy to speak with you.

We will meet twice weekly, once in the evening and once on a weekend in the morning for coffee.

Each meetup is 2hrs with a 10min break between segments to refresh.

Each meetup is limited to 4 members.

Each meetup cost $20 to attend. Refreshments at the venues are not included.

No shows are subject to being removed from the group. Limited space means there could be someone else wanting to attend, so only confirm attendance if you're certain you can be there.

Come excited to master your mood and you may just blow your mind at what's in store.

See you there!


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