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Picnic in Central Park

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UPDATE: Thanks to the beautiful weather, we will go ahead with this plan today. Please meet at the southeast corner of the park at 1pm. If you come late, please call Randy. Probably we will be somewhere in the sheep meadow. See you guys! (Naoki)

I've been promising over and over that we'll be eating and playing outside, and we're finally going to do it.

The weather looks pretty promising, w/ only 20% chance of rain in the afternoon. Let's do this!

PLEASE RSVP EARLY! People who are getting food need a decent headcount!

I think that we'll be meeting on the southeast corner of the park, by the big statue, and then walk into the park and find a space somewhere.,-73.973639&cbp=13,90.2,,0,7.45&cbll=40.764668,-73.973572&hl=en&sspn=0.006295,0.006295&ie=UT...

If everyone can bring just a little something (a bit of drink, maybe a small amount of food) we should have plenty for everyone. The money I've been gathering from the playing fees will be used to reimburse any expenses we have (If it's a few dollars don't fuss over it, but try to bring receipts for larger purchases (like $20+) please =D)

I'll personally be carrying go equipment up, lots of small boards and maybe 1 large board. Everyone else is encouraged to bring whatever they think will be fun.

It's fine to not bring anything. BUT! if we are short of something, those people are the first to "volunteer" to go to a nearby store to pick up things!

Current item list (updated 5/19/2011, 11pm):

Go Equipment :

Randy (1 19x19, 2-4 9x9)

Richard (1 19x19)

Wojtek (magnetic 19x19)

Games other than Go : Balls, frisbees, anything else

J&Y: Soccer ball

Food :

Maksim (a few deli sandwiches)

Myung (a few snacks)

Tawan (some guyanaese pastries, some tarts)

Tomoko (something to eat ; ) )

Ling (Caesar salad, maybe a desert)

J&Y (Some food)

Hanae: (Some fruit)

Drink :

Jori (Some soda and cups)

Plates/napkins/cups/supplies :

Randy : some paper plates, backup sheet of some sort

Sheets : Naoki (1 big enough for ~8 people? I think)