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Animated Ladies: Directing Motion Design

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Christopher B. and Monique W.
Animated Ladies: Directing Motion Design


Curious about direction in Motion Design? Join us for a night of drinks and inspiration with our panel of 3 women doing exactly that in the industry.

We'll have creative director Angela Yu, art director Tori Main and product designer Agatha Yu speak about their experiences working in leadership roles as well as show some of the great work they've been doing. Their presentations will be followed by a Q&A panel led by Monique Wray.

To attend please grab a ticket here at Eventbrite:

Angela Yu - a creative director and art director for commercials based in San Francisco, the Bay Area.

Tori Main - Art Director at Lyft for animation and design.

Agatha Yu - making secret sauce at Valve, previously Product Designer at Oculus, Adobe, and Palantir.

Monique Wray - animation director and illustrator running the creative studio Small.


Q: If I RSVP on does that mean I can attend?

Unfortunately no. We will be requiring all attendees to register through Eventbrite so we can cross promote the event. It's fine to indicate here on MDSF that you are attending, just make sure you have a ticket secured first.

Q: Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Badges are required for attendees of this event so we need your full name that matches your ID.

Q: If my plans change how can I free up my spot for someone on the waitlist?

It is easy and much appreciated. Just follow this link if you cannot attend how to cancel your free registration.

Q: Can we take pictures or record the event?

Attendees can feel free to take pictures and document the evening but please ask that no photos of the presentations be shared online. We will make an announcement at the event as a reminder.
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