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Big South Fork - Backpacking Trip

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Big South Fork -  Backpacking Trip


If you have questions, please call me 9372384664

We are going to do a 20-25 miles on a loop. The terrain is very hilly if not mountainous. Unless you are are in really good shape, this is not for beginner hikers. The average speed will be between 2 to 2.5 mph. 1.5 on large inclines. This is not an easy trek. There is a lot of up and down.

We are camping the first night at Bandy Creek campground. We have lot d-38,39,40 on the D loop. We are on the D loop. There is a limit of 6 people per campsite. There is no cost to you.

We will be hiking in bear country so be prepared to store your food in bear bags hanging in the trees. Leave your pets at home. The will be a lot of stream crossings so bring water shoes. It may be hot so we will take time to cool off at the streams. May sure you sufficient water or a good filtration system. Your backpack should not weight more than 35 pounds.

We are going to leave our cars at the Bandy Creek swimming pool parking lot while we are in the woods. When we finish, we will take a dip in the pool before we head home.

Info on Big South Fork:

Bandy Creek campground:

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