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Are there more than two of us? We've all watched Forks Over Knives, read The China Study & listened to Dr. McDougall & Dr. Esselstyn's & Dr. Bernard's (PCRM) lectures. We like & share their posts on FB, but are there many of us that practice what our vegan leaders preach? A Whole Food Plant Based No-Oil Low-Fat STARCH based diet! This meetup group is for health seeking vegans who want to learn about how the Starch Based Diet is the most optimal for health & weight loss or just hang around other's who have already sorted through the BS! Up your advocacy & ability to turn more people onto a healthy diet with long term weight loss, vitality, energy & healthy food that not only adds years to your life, but life to your years! We'll have fun activities, dinner parties, special restaurant events, samples from healthy vegan companies & grocery store trips, pantry clean outs, etc! Beginners to veterans who have been following Dr. McDougall for 40 years!

Starch based diet = corn, beans, squash, rice, grains, lentils, potatoes + vegetables & fruit!

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