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Groupe SQL : Graph Databases for SQL Server Professionals

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Eric M. and Christian C.


Présentateur: Stéphane Fréchette

Graph databases are used to represent graph structures with nodes, edges and properties. Neo4j, an open-source graph database is reliable and fast for managing and querying highly connected data. Will explore how to install and configure, create nodes and relationships, query with the Cypher Query Language, importing data and using Neo4j in concert with SQL Server... Providing answers and insight with visual diagrams about connected data that you have in your SQL Server Databases!

SQL Server MVP, Stéphane Fréchette is a Data & BI Architect who is very passionate about architecting, designing and building solutions that matter. Specialized in SQL Server, Microsoft Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Big Data and the Cloud. He also works and his fluent with several other database platforms (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Neo4j, MongoDB and other NoSQL type databases). A self proclaimed Open Data Hacker/Advocate Stéphane founded Gatineau Ouverte a citizen led initiative which aims to promote open access to civic data of the city of Gatineau and his the licensee and organizer of TEDxGatineau.