Global AI bootcamp


***NOTICE: The fee for this event is 10$. The payment is made through Paypal (Meetup will take you to the payment page when you RSVP). This fee is refundable until 2 days before the event, so Wednesday December 11th at midnight is the cutoff for refunds. The money raised will be given back to attendees in incentives and prizes throughout the day***

Its with great pride that we announce the first Global AI bootcamp in Montreal! December 14th will be a whole dedicated to learning practical skills in the field of machine learning and ML-related aaplications. And if that wasn't enough to get you excited, we'll have surprises and we'll drawing attendance prizes!


8h30-9h15 Welcome & Breakfast. Coffee & muffins will be served.

9h15: Introduction

9h30: Session 1: How to Build a Machine Learning Model with the Azure Machine Learning designer with Duy Huynh

10h30 : Session 2: Azure Custom Vision with Rowan Sciban

11h30 : Session 3: Automated ML with Rahat Yasir

12h30 : Break for lunch. Lunch will be provided.

13h30: Session 4: ML.Net with Frédéric Simard

14h30 : Session 5: Machine Learning Model Evaluation Metrics with Maria Khalusova

15h30: Session 6: The hidden layers of dialog systems: Training Natural Language Processing algorithms to build dialog systems and how we measure their accuracy with Mohamed Hanini

16h30: Drawing of final prizes.

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