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Azure Container Services - Scaling Multicontainer App & Docker Swarm, Azure CDNs

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Sakthis K. and Senthamil


Topic #1 - Scaling Multicontainer App using ACS & Docker Swarm

Speaker: Nilesh Gule

The talk will demonstrate the process of containerizing a .Net Core application using Docker. Learn how to start from choosing the right base image and iteratively build the custom images for your application, process of containerizing an application into Docker images, testing locally and then deploying to cloud using Docker Swarm, scaling features provided by Swarm.

Containerise an http://ASP.NET Core app consisting of MVC Web project and a Web API Run multi container app using Docker compose on single host (local laptop) Publish images to Docker Hub Provision Swarm cluster using Azure Container Service (ACS) Run containers across multiple nodes in Swarm mode Scale services up & down using swarm manager

Topic #2 - Azure CDNs & Accelerate Websites with Dynamic Site Acceleration
Introduction to Azure CDNs and their capabilities. Know how to run blazing fast websites using one of the CDN feature, Dynamic Site Acceleration.

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