Azure Sphere For Beginners Workshop Part 1 : Local Stuff

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In this workshop, we'll go through the basic of Azure Sphere, get our hands slightly dirty with C++ and get some sensor feed going locally.

Azure Sphere is the easy and affordable way to build products that are innately secure, that continually responds to emerging threats—keeping devices secured over the long term.

The Azure Sphere includes three component:
Azure Sphere certified MCU
Azure Sphere OS
Azure Sphere Security Service

As there's a fair bit to cover, please have the following ready:
- A PC/Mac with latest-ish windows 10
- Visual Studio 2017 / 2019 Enterprise, Professional, or Community, version 15.7 or later
- Download the Azure Sphere SDK for Visual Studio Preview ( )

IMPORTANT: As we have a limited number of Azure Sphere devices, the workshop is limited to 16 seats. If you cannot attend, please make sure you cancel your attendance.