Introduction to F# - Workshop part 1 of 2

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Introduction to F# - Workshop part 1 of 2

Do you want to learn F#? Well, you better start coding! Learning a new programming language is not easy, on top of reading a lot you need to practice even more.

This workshop is designed to teach you some of the basics of F# by combining theory and practice.

Topics: Bindings, Functions, Tuples, Records, High order functions, Pipelining, Partial application, Composition, Options, Pattern matching, Discriminated unions, Units of measure, Functional lists, Recursion, Object-oriented programming & Type providers.

Target audience level: beginner (C# or Java developers)

Please bring your laptop with:

visual studio setup for f#:


vs code setup for f# (


Pizza : 6:30pm

Starts : 7pm

Curfew: 9pm