Rifftrax LIVE: The Giant Spider Invasion


Thanks to you, the Kickstarter community, we've had SIX consecutive years of successful campaigns to help fund our nationwide RiffTrax Live Shows. We're extremely grateful, since these events wouldn't exist without your help!

This time, in embarking upon our 11th year of RiffTrax Live (which will culminate in Live Show Number 30!), we've curated an amazing selection of three super-cheesy B-movies that are ripe for riffing: the guy-in-a-rubber-suit creature feature OCTAMAN, the Casper Van Dien space odyssey STAR RAIDERS, and an ALL-NEW riff on a new HD transfer of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 favorite, THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION!!!

We will once again broadcast the ensuing hilarity into 700+ movie theaters across America on April 18th, June 6th and August 15th, respectively, thanks to our friends at Fathom Events!