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What we’re about

Are you a seasoned landlord and are looking to share tips and tricks and find ways to make your assets more profitable?

Or are you a full time employee looking to get out of the 9-5 job world by investing in rentals?

Whether you own 200 units, or no units and are just looking to gather information and network a bit to learn the ins and outs - this is the spot for you.

Our meetings are centric in between Concord NH / Manchester / Nashua / Portsmouth areas, and will consist of the following:

6PM: Drinks and Networking <br>6:30PM: Intros - Everyone Can Intro Themselves Who Would Like To <br>6:45PM: Shares / Wins / Buy & Sell Deals <br>6:50PM: Announcements for Next Meetings & Speaker Intro <br>7:00PM-8PM: Guest Speaker Topic

We do NOT allow sales pitches, and we are a casual group with speakers who provide value, that are looking to make our portfolios more profitable, so we can make smarter purchase decisions and have our dollars work harder operationally.

Come for a casual atmosphere, meet people, learn a tip or two, and leave armed with new contacts and a way to net more $$ monthly!