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What we’re about

We are a loud, playful and enthusiastic community about coding and programming culture. From the front end to the back end, from PHP to Android to the latest Javascript tech stack, we are crazy about learning everything everyday we can from each other.
Also excited and proud about all the sponsors like Innov8, Curve Tomorrow, BookMyShow, 91 Spring Boards, Women Tech Makers  officially supporting us in getting our journey. We want to focus on all the latest frontend stack like React, Angular, Vue and so on...
We also focus on Android, Machine learning & AI.
We are especially excited about welcoming the new and current generation of female programmers to join us in celebrating the joys of code :)
Also since we are not focusing on gender gap, we would also want our fellow Male collegues to support and be the  part of it.
We have a strong focus on female programmers in Mumbai but are not in any way exclusive about gender. With full hearts and open mind, we invite our contemporary male colleagues to join us and support us on our exciting journey forward.
Reach out to us incase you want to volunteer :) We want more people in the team :)

Mumbai Women coders are strictly adhere to

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