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The Association for Computing Machinery (http://www.acm.org/), or ACM, is the world’s first and largest scientific computing society. The Munich Student Chapter (http://munichacm.de/) was founded in 2016.
We are a network of motivated students with diverse academic backgrounds including former MIT, Harvard, ETH, UCL and Stanford students, and bold professional experience including the co-founders of the WARR Hyperloop Team (http://hyperloop.warr.de/) and Hack'n'Help (http://hacknhelp.org).

Our goal is to advance Munich into a leader in computation and machine learning by providing exciting events and connecting local companies with the next generation of computer and data scientists.

We focus on deep learning and machine learning events. Many of our student members are rising stars in this field (having published multiple journal papers in machine learning).

Past events (7)

Machine Learning #1

Room B001 (LMU)

Deep Learning in Action #7

Needs a location

ACM Chapters Computer Science in Cars Symposium

Needs a location

Roboy Hackathon

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