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Do you connect with the ‘Dhoom’ type of self-proclaimed bikers you see on the roads, making risky high-speed manoeuvres while weaving through thick traffic on a congested, narrow lane? If you do, unfortunately, then we suggest that you immediately click on the X button on the top right hand corner of your screen. This is definitely not the place for you!

However, if you enjoy the wind against your helmet visor, venturing into unexplored terrains, beyond the realm of your routine, corporate life, with a tribe that has evolved into a cult, then look no further – be a part of The Musafirs – a tribe that rides out every month, come hail or storm, to add life to our days!

Just a passion for riding isn’t enough... You will need more to be a part of the Musafirs tribe. This isn’t your average riding club; we strictly adhere to rules and regulations. Zero-tolerance to drugs, the right attitude, selflessness towards the tribe and non-egoistic interactions, will help you break the ice with us.

As I write this post in August 2015, we have already done more than 60 rides (remember…at least one ride a month) including the ones to Leh, Spiti, Rann of Kutch, Hampi and are getting ready for our first international ride to Thailand…

When we say short rides, don’t take the ‘short’ too seriously; it’s become a very relative term. For the seasoned, distances of about 250-350 km probably classify as ‘short’ now. But let that not put you off; we’ll definitely consider your comfort.

So, from short rides of 100-km one way, to back-breakers of 900-km one way, the Musafirs can boast of having done them all. Serene beaches, forsaken mountains, rustic countryside’s, mystic forests, pristine riverbanks, we’ve been there all. The joy of discovery, and riding of course, is probably what drives us. For the Musafirs, every ride is just as special and unique.

Since its inception in 2011, the Musafirs have slowly, but very steadily, grown into a definitive cult, redefining the idea of riding for leisure and passion. However, we expect nothing less than the highest levels of road safety from our riders. Should you choose to ride with us, you will be a part of riding teams, follow disciplined formations, and communicate on-road using gestures.

We don’t indulge in road rage, we do not tolerate drunk riding; we ride for the joy of riding, NOT TO SHOW-OFF! And that is why we aren’t brand-specific too. Neither are we gender-specific – we have a number of women riding with us. Hell yeah, the Musafirs is even co-led by a woman. As long as you have a decent bike which won’t breakdown mid-way, and a burning passion for riding sensibly, it’s a good start to join the Musafirs Cult.

Do check out our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MumbaiMusafirs ; that is where the action happens. And join us some time, if you fit in like a perfectly chiselled cog-wheel, it’ll be worth it for you!

But do you fit the bill? Can you manage to ride in tandem with the group, as a part of the group? Do you have what it takes to be a Musafir? Do you have what it takes to be a part of this family?

You wouldn’t know unless you set out to ‘Be a Musafir’. So, come forth, explore – ride hard, ride safe!

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Julley…Musafirs motorcycle expedition to Ladakh: 28th June-10th July, 22

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It’s riding season once again, and you know what that means – we’re going to Ladakh.
It’s one of those special, almost sacred journeys that bikers dream of since the day they discover their passion for riding. And we pride ourselves on having made this dream come true for hundreds of riders since our first Ladakh ride in 2013.
This year is extra special. Especially because we’ve been forced to stay away from leisure travel due to the pandemic, we know how desperately we want to feel the crisp, cold Ladakhi air against our sunburnt cheeks, ride on occasionally non-existent roads with the mighty Himalayas watching over us. Just you, your machine, and the vast expanse of an unseen world. Exposed to the elements, immersed in the region’s rusticity. It doesn’t get better than this, we promise!
So join us for this epic adventure and make memories you will cherish for the rest of your life.

We keep our groups small to encourage bonding and ensure maximum safety of all our riders, so don’t wait on this one. It’s a now or never kind of ride so register today and experience the unparalleled thrill of riding on top of the world.

## The Ride Plan – Key Highlights:

On this ride you’ll experience:

  • Sonamarg. Known as the Meadow of Gold, Sonmarg is the gateway to Ladakh and is known for its verdant and picturesque valleys and snow-clad peaks.
  • Chenani Tunnel. The longest road tunnel in India. Riding through this fairly new tunnel, that’s more than NINE kilometers long is an experience in itself. And what awaits a few kilometers on the other side is the famous rajma chawal – desi ghee with anaardaana chutney at Peerah (google it!)
  • Zozi La. The first high-mountain pass you’ll be riding through on this route … and if lucky, you may experience snow!
  • Kargil War Memorial. This war is memorial situated at Dras at the foothills of Tololing Hills. We bet you’ll not come out of this place without tears in your eyes.
  • Leh.
  • Diskit-Nubra. You’ll ride through the Khardung La to reach here – it’s probably the only place in India where your camera will capture — Snow-capped peaks, a huge sand desert, a river, and double-humped camels in the same shot. Mesmerizing — to say the least.
  • Siachen Base Camp. At 12K feet visit the OP BABA SHRINE located at the SBC.
  • Merak. No roads and an amazing view of the Pangong Tso.
  • Hanle. Hanle, in the Changthang valley, has a scenic landscape that is unique even to Ladakh — and it boasts of one of the world’s highest observatories. Very close to the Indo-China line of actual control. ILP-dependent.
  • Tso Kar. Another less frequented high-altitude lake — is known for various rare species sightings.
  • Baralacha La and the ATAL Tunnel. Few places simply need no introduction.

Officially, the ride ends once we touch Chandigarh on the 10th of July.

## Peace of Mind

In tow with our convoy, throughout the ride, we will have a support vehicle – not an Innova or a Scorpio but a proper bolero camper that can carry your whole bike and you in case of a breakdown or any other uneventful situation. Thus, you can focus only on experiencing the terrain and enjoy the adrenaline rush.

## Aligning the Stars

We understand that 2 weeks of leaves is a problem in your corporate office and you’ll need permission from your boss, spouse, parents, kids, etc … keeping this in mind, we’ve designed a unique 13-day ride so “Leaves not approved” does not stop you from experiencing this epic adventure. The ride begins on a Tuesday and ends on a Sunday.

## Fine Print:

The Himalayan terrain is unpredictable – landslides, roadblocks, snow, cloud bursts etc., may result in a last-minute changes of route and staying at unplanned locations.
Even in disruption, you are to stick together and we will have your back.
However, the expenses of unfactored distance covered by the support vehicle and of unplanned lodging boarding due to terrain disruptions will be split among all the participants.
Commercial “tour operators” will not say this until the disruption has occurred and levy an untransparent additional cost… but we aren’t one of those commercial tour operators. We are the Musafirs Motorcycle Club. Experience the difference!

## The Bold Print

We are an inclusive club – your age, gender, caste, religion, profession, sexual orientation, etc., does not matter. What matters the most is the head and heart that drives the machine and the soul! We strictly follow the no-drug and no-litter policy – if you can’t adhere, please F.O. That’s exactly how serious we are when it comes to these.

## The Ride Plan

Jammu – Sonamarg – Leh – Nubra – Siachen Base Camp – Turtuk – Pangong Tso – Hanle – Tso Kar – JIspa – Naggar – Chandigarh.

## To register for the ride

Call Shona:[masked] Nicc:[masked] or Birju (Ride Manager) :[masked] just to have a chat on how to prepare and then register for the ride.

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Musafirs ride to the Untouched Spiti Valley : 18th – 26th June , 2022

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