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The Glass that Gallé Adored - Glass from the Qing Imperial Collection
For this meetup, we will see an exhibition that showcases glassware from the Qing dynasty of China. "This exhibition attempts to introduce, through distinguished collections of glass, the beauty of Qing imperial glass and to compare it with Gallé’s work. The exhibits include a group of works brought to Japan from the Victoria and Albert Museum in Britain. Transparency and fragility are usually thought of as giving glass its magnetism, but Qing tastes in glass, especially in its golden age, were quite different. Qing glass, occupying a range between transparent and opaque, was massive, magnificently carved and polished, and quite superb. Its exceptional beauty captivated Emile Gallé (1846–1904), the leading artist of France’s Art Nouveau period. Gallé did more than admire: he incorporated the beauty of Qing glass in his own creative work." [From the museum site (] #Location# Suntory Museum of Art ( #Exhibition to see:# The Glass that Gallé Adored - Glass from the Qing Imperial Collection #Meeting Time# 01:00PM (13:00) #Meeting Spot# Around the entrance of the museum #Museum Admission Fee# ¥1,300 #Information about the exhibition# #Chat session after the show# As usual, let's have a chat session at the end of the event. When we meet up before the exhibition, let's decide where we go after the show.

Suntory Museum of Art

9-7-4 Akasaka, Minato-ku, · Tokyo

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Anyone who likes to explore museum scenes in Tokyo Area should join.

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