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What we’re about

Music 4 Life® is for ANYONE wanting to feel better and loves music. At we teach essential life skills to upgrade music listening habits through ecourses, subscriptions, and telehealth.

MEETUPS HERE ARE CALLED FRIDAY FAVES featuring music favorites in specialized healing mood sequence formulas.

Learn how to build your capacity to deal with more stress, building resiliency - at the same time reducing anxiety, anger, depression or sadness AND increasing peace AND joy. A hospital study with frontline workers is underway this year to test and publish results of the Music 4 Life® Music Medicine Protocol.

Music Telemedicine

Access the free self-assessment to discover your emotional shape with recommendations to apply music as medicine - considering all genres - encapsulated in a Music Medicine Pill®. Check in with a music therapist at our telehealth office.

Subscribe for $5/month or more to access our blog and podcasts that focus on the Music Medicine Protocol working in your life now.

Train your self-care through ecourses teaching you about your music listening habits and how to create Music Medicine Pills®. 

Founder Judith Pinkerton, Founder and CEO of Music 4 Life® Inc., leads a team of music therapists advancing music onto the same wellness platform as nutrition and exercise, with healing programs in the home, workplace, corporate and institutional settings.