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Salaam! My name is Candace Hoffman-Hussain. I am a white Muslim convert with a PhD in Religious Studies, MA in Sociology and undergraduate degree in English Literature. I have two children and I currently live in Rochester, NY, but I’ve also lived in Ireland and England. I found it a lot easier to connect with my faith during my university years and struggled with connecting spiritually after a concussion a few years ago. I know many of us have gone through various struggles and traumas and would love us to support each other, insha’Allah. You are not alone. ❤️

I created this group for Muslim women or other women curious about Islam so we can connect with one another intellectually, socially and spiritually. A place where we can discuss Islamic books of any genre and grow in our spirituality together as a community. The purpose of the group is to grow in our knowledge of Islam and its teachings and increase in our worship of Creator. A place of no judgement where we help each other through the whirlwind trials of this dunya.

An open minded group, please join with an open heart and open mind. ❤️ The group will primarily be meeting virtually.

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The Productive Muslim (session 1/3)

Online event

Let’s read and discuss pages 1-95, insha’Allah.

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Lessons from Surah Al Khaf by Dr Yasir Qadhi ch19-21

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