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Please read - Note 1: We are a group for everyone and we are public NOT a private group, but we have set the group settings as "private" since this is the only method meetup.com offers to protect our members personal information. We have done this as many members in our other groups prefer it if their membership to groups is protected, so this how we can ensure this for them.

Please read - Note 2: We are NOT trying to sell you anything or sell you on a service!

We are a serious group hoping to provide education, support, and information for those who want to "Work from Home", we are NOT a discussion group that drones on endlessly about frivoulous topics. We are here to support those who relate to this Meetup group's name (it is our purpose).

In order to participate you must be capable of understanding and conversing fluently in the English language, all of our organizers are English.

If you already "work from home", are happy with what you are doing, and have an established business that you like, then we are NOT the group for you. We are for those who need support and advice, and guidance to begin the process of thinking all the lines of this meetup group's name.

Here are three questions (one of which will; hopefully, apply to you) that will help you in deciding if you want to participate in this meetup group

1 - "Are you tired of your present career path and want to change it. Curious about your options for a possible change?"


2 - "Are you retired and find out you need to go back to work. Curious about your options?"


3 - "Are you a homebody, possibly for years, and now need to start to work. Curious about your options?"

If you answered "Yes" to any of the 3 example questions, then please consider joining our group.

We do hope you will consider joining us. Please make certain to read the Welcome email sent once you join, it is important.

-----------ABOUT YOUR PRIMARY HOSTS-----------

My husband and I (I am Maria, my co-organizer/husband is Bruce) hope that you will at least come by (this means in person) and find out more.

Please feel at ease to Join me (Maria) on my Facebook page, if this interests you please message me directly and I will send you the link.

Should you ever have any questions regarding anything we do or offer, we encourage you to message myself (Maria) or my husband Bruce directly, we will respond as soon as possible.

About your Organizers - Bruce Piña and Maria Piña-Gutiérrez (academic degrees we hold - J.D, LL.M, JSD/LL.D, B.A.E, M.Ed , PhD/D.L.S) - We are both professionals with writing, authorship, and other aspects of the publishing world in our backgrounds. We have jointly (between the two of us), over 35 years of experience in the publishing, entertainment, literary industries. Maria has worked for the last several years as a graphic designer and layout designer for some of the leading publishing houses besides her unbroken time as a published author. I (Bruce) have been an attorney for 17 of those years working in this end of the business and entertainment spectrum. Over the years we have taught at a number of academic institutions both in the continuing education areas (night courses and adult ed.) and mainstream course curricula (daytime regular course material) in number of cities in the US and the EU. So we bring this expertise to this group as its organizers and the team who are stewarding it for our members.

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