Past Meetup

Fire Poi with Xavier

Price: $20.00 /per person

Location visible to members


Wondering what Poi is? Do a YouTube ( search for Fire Poi ( and be prepared to be mesmerized. It is an ancient Maori dance and training exercise from New Zealand that has spread to all points of the globe. Above all, it is fun to practice and super cool to watch.

FEE: $20 per member. This fee is going to the performer to cover his expenses for the night.

DESCRIPTION: Xavier Main is a performance artist and musician who enjoys performing and teaching poi (that's him in the picture shown). He has volunteered to teach the basics of (non fire) poi manipulation so we can all get a sense of the skill involved in his fire performance. As I mentioned, it is also a LOT of fun.

After the lesson, Xavier will prepare for you to get some awesome shots like these shown here. The goal of this meet up is to create stunning images like these.

FOR YOUR SAFETY: This performance uses flammable fluids and equipment. Aside from the performer, there will also be fire safety personnel. Please listen to and follow all safety rules for the evening. Watch out for the performer and his equipment and avoid staging areas and other areas designated as off limits. If in doubt, ask.


This is for your safety as well as the performer. You have been warned.

WHAT TO BRING: A small LED flashlight is strongly recommended as we will be working under very dark conditions. A nice wide to normal lens is ideal in order to capture all the action. If you have a wide to telephoto all-purpose lens that should be all you really need for optics. Don't forget extra memory cards and batteries. Dress appropriately as it's starting to get chilly. You will need a tripod and a shutter release cable (or radio trigger). If you don't have a remote release get one. You won't be able to do everything needed to get these shots without one.

I will supply the flash.

ABOUT THE LOCATION: "Under the overpass" is a hidden location along an abandoned rail line. This is a guerrilla meet up, meaning we are going into a location we really shouldn't be in.

Carry out what you carry in and follow ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS given by the performer and his safety personnel.