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The Science of Bruising
"London, 1869. Four very different Victorian women are drawn into the dark underground world of female boxing by the eccentric Professor Sharp. Controlled by men and constrained by corsets, each finds an unexpected freedom in the boxing ring. As their lives begin to intertwine their journey takes us through grand drawing rooms, bustling theatres and rowdy Southwark pubs where the women fight inequality as well as each other. But with the final showdown approaching only one can become the Lady Boxing Champion of the World…Based on historical research into 19th century women’s boxing, The Sweet Science of Bruising is a fascinating new play by Joy Wilkinson (Verity Bargate Award winner and new series writer for Doctor Who). Featuring an ensemble cast and thrilling up-close boxing matches, this is an epic tale of passion, politics and pugilism." Tickets can be found here: Ticket is £20.00, unallocated seating.

Southwark Playhouse

77-85 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6BD · London

What we're about

I've decided to set up my own theatre group as the ones that are already on here don't really work for me, as I don't have time during the week plus I just want to be able to suggest the plays/musicals that I like (that's the beauty of setting up your own meet up group lol).

I also prefer weekend matinees, as you still have the evenings free to do other things.

I've had bad experiences with theatre groups where the host organises tickets, so with my group, everybody will buy their own tickets, we can try to sit together or close by and we can always meet up briefly beforehand, in the interval and/or go for a quick drink/meal afterwards and talk about the play and life in general lol. So I hope that lots of you theatre goers will join me for some amazing plays/musicals.

For all events that I post on here, I have already booked a ticket and I always post where I'm sitting, so hopefully you can get a seat close by. I will also try to keep numbers low (no more than 6, max 7), otherwise this gets too difficult to organise plus I'm not a fan of "mass meetings", I prefer small meet ups where you can get to know people.

A few rules for the group:

1. When you sign up, please post a picture of yourself (pictures of pets/landscapes, etc. or no pics/fake pics are not really useful when trying to recognise someone at a meet up).

2. Please confirm the play that you would like to see from our current schedule. Once you've joined the group, please RSVP Yes, confirm that you have bought a ticket and let us know where you are sitting.

3. Inactive members will, unfortunately, be automatically removed from the group after a period of 6 months from your last visit to the site (so be sure to visit the site and RSVP Yes or No regularly).

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