Small Biz Network - A Seat at the Table

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Topic: “A Seat at the Table: Reclaiming Your Power & Telling Your Story"

During this episode of Small Business Network, I'll chat with Michael Amilcar, CEO - Cook Ross. Join us for this engaging discussion and learn to:

• Pay attention. Be mindful of what is happening internally and externally to help you visualize your future and your right to occupy a seat at the table.
• Acknowledge your assumptions about who is allowed to have a seat at the table and what your voice needs to be when you are there.
• Recall what you’ve been taught about leadership and understand how that has shaped your perspective.
• Always seek different perspectives to find gaps in your thinking or representation.
• Examine your options and make a decision on the actions you will take.

Doors open at 8:00 am. The event occurs from 8:00 am until 9:30 am.


8:00-8:30am – Continental Breakfast by Key Ingredients Catering & Networking
8:30-8:40am – Welcome & Greetings
8:40-9:00am – Networking
9:00-9:30am – Guest Interview + audience Q&A

Meet our Interviewee:

Michael Leslie Amilcar is CEO of [Silver Spring-based] Cook Ross. She joined the company in 2007, and served as managing partner, overseeing the strategic direction and day-to-day operations for over five years. Under her leadership, Cook Ross has grown dramatically building upon an almost 30-year legacy of organizational transformation work. Currently, the company has over 40 full-time employees and a highly experienced consultant network dispersed across the globe. Cook Ross partners with Fortune 500 companies to create inclusive leadership and transform cultures. Wife, mom, entrepreneur, activist, adoptive family advocate, and self-proclaimed change agent, Michael hasn’t met a challenge she felt could not be solved with the right people working together. She is proud to be at the helm of Cook Ross, working with a talented and passionate team, and partnering with courageous and committed clients.


Advance registration is required.