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The world is full of energy. We are part of that energy that ebs and flows through out the planet. My goal is for you to find your own energy and also benefit from interacting with others in a healthy sustainable way that can bring peace and harmony to your life. You may not understand all the dynamics of radio waves, nor can you see them; but yet when you turn on your radio you are confident you will find the music. Let me help you find your light.

We seem to live in a world that thinks through life's harsh times we learn the most. By falling down, yes we do indeed learn to stand up but would it not be nice to have the wonderful lessons without bruises all over our faces? If we tune into our energy and that around us we can pick on on thoughts and ideas that are given to protect us and help us grow in peace.

If you are a parent, would you not want your child to grow in peace instead of disharmony? We learn much better when at peace. If you are reading a book in stillness or trying to read it with somebody yelling at you telling you that you are not good enough, which situation would foster the best understanding of what you just read? The one read in stillness. We can find this stillness from within even when the world outside of you is in cauos. It does not mean you have to be. The growth will happen, its just helping you get there with the least amount of bumps and bruises. To maintain your self worth and love and leave the viscous ego that tells you you are not good enough aside.

We do this by learning about meditation and recognizing helpful hints from your spirit helpers. Does not matter to me if you call them angels or spirit guides or bumblebees named Joe. What matters is you feel you are not alone. Trust your gutt.. your intuition. We all have it. Learn to flex yours.

Things we cover: meditation, past life regression, quantum hypnosis, practice nights, activating your pineal gland, angels, reiki, crystals, and just generally enjoying each others company.

We welcome you and encourage you that you were brought here for a reason and are so excited to help you find it and for you to help others find their own reason

You dont have to prepay for classes. The rule is that if you sign up for a class and dont show up or cancel 24 hours or less, you are still responsible for the class fee.

Those that sign up and do not show up 3 times will be removed from the group and asked to register in person or on thehomeofom.ca website

Upcoming events (5+)

Meditation Foundations Level I Teacher Training led by Mandy Trapp

During this 3-day immersion you will explore, in depth, the science, philosophy and practicality of meditation. No experience is necessary; just the desire to learn more about yourself and integrate these teachings into your own life and the lives of others. Upon completion, you will have a solid understanding of meditation in general, as well as how it applies to special populations such as children, teens, and those dealing with physical, mental, or emotional challenges. This 5-module training takes place over 3 days and includes many opportunities to explore a variety of meditation techniques. As well, the final module, "The Business of Doing Good" is hosted by a well-rounded business expert who has built a multi-million dollar business while applying mindfulness-based thoughts and techniques for himself and his business. Investment: $495 + GST Early Bird Pricing: $395 + GST (valid until one week prior to program start) Friday Jan.18, 10am - 7pm Saturday Jan.19, 10am - 6pm Sunday Jan.20, 12pm - 5pm Please contact Lifestyle Meditation directly to enroll for this program: [masked] www.lifestylemeditation.com

Group Holy Fire Reiki Meditation Class with Marianne and Talon

The Home Of Om


Join us to celebrate the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse at this 1 hour group class focusing on Holy Fire Reiki Meditation and Healing. Marianne and Talon are both Certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Masters with Stonehenge Lineage, Third Degree Ursui Reiki Masters, Archangel Michael Healers, Chakra Healers, and Crystal Healers - with training in Advanced Mediumship. We start class by explaining Holy Fire Reiki, providing sound vibration therapy using crystal singing bowl music, and setting intention. Lights are dimmed for a guided meditation channeled by Marianne, again using sound therapy from Zaphir (Shanti) Chimes and crystal singing bowl music - beautiful additions that create peace and harmony, and help raise your etheric vibration to facilitate soothing comfort. Zaphir Chimes and the music are tuned to the chakras to align energy coherence as you mediate in order to enhance energy healing. Throughout the session, Marianne provides intuitively chosen crystals and essential oils for each participant in order to add additional layers of energy healing that increase your enjoyment of class. You take home the crystal and essential oil samples chosen for you. During meditation, Talon and Marianne provide mini Holy Fire Reiki healings. The word holy in the name Holy Fire is not religious - rather it means wholeness. Holy Fire Reiki is spiritual energy that creates wholeness within through purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance directly from the Holy Fire and what is called the Third Heaven. This energy helps strengthen connection to the Divine and release old trauma from this life, past lives, or ancestral lines that passed down to us through DNA. It helps us connect to divinity, and awaken and integrate Christ Consciousness - the 5th dimensional energy of unconditional love, peace, and joy. It guides us as we move through the Age of Aquarius to a higher vibrational frequency, from 3rd density and higher into 4th and 5th. It is a wonderful match to those consciously on their soul path – the path of ascension - for whom a higher vibrational frequency is timely. This includes blue rays, starseeds, empaths, indigo / crystal / rainbow adults, light workers, way showers, and those called to energy healing. Holy Fire Reiki works with the Infinite Creator and highest vibration entities of light such as archangels and angels, and ascended masters. We therefore also quietly channel for you any messages received from Source and Spirit. To close the class, we invite you to join us in a Musical Mantra or simply continue in silent meditation. We wrap up with a Closing Blessing. Bring your yoga mat, blanket, and / or meditation pillow, or use what is available in the room. This is a unique and powerful class combining Holy Fire Reiki – calling upon Divine Energy - using targeted crystal, essential oil, and sound vibration therapy! It is only offered at The Home of Om and for limited participants in each session to ensure individual attention and comfort. We invite you to book this one of a kind class to benefit from energy healing of body / mind / spirit, release anxiety and stress, relax and make space for peace, and clear / align / heal your energy pathways through the power of Holy Fire Reiki together with crystals, sound vibration, essential oils, and Spirit. (Note this is not a Reiki instruction class – rather a way to enhance your personal meditative process in the presence of combination energy healing in a group setting.) Class is offered at $22 per participant. Please call The Home of Om at[masked] to RSVP - drop ins and guests are welcome depending on space availability. You are welcome to attend as many of these group classes as you wish, as we are always doing something new!

Thai Table Massage Course

The Home Of Om

Whilst Thai yoga massage is conducted on a mat, Thai massage techniques can also be used on a massage table. This training course equips the practitioner to be able to deliver a Thai massage on a massage table. As with our Level 1 course, this course uses the northern energy model. Instruction by Shawne Klassen in association with The Home of OM. One time special price for massage students and therapists. Regular price $495.00/per person/book + GST 5%. Special price $450.00/per person/book + GST (First 6 people.) (ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT -$25.00 IF STUDENT) Suitable for: Any massage practitioner Level: Beginners Duration: 40 hours (3 day sessions plus assignments) Certification: Half-day practical examination (Four weeks after the course). Approved by: THAI, NHPC, RMTA and MTAA. Can be used as CE units for the above. Important Information ‣ Payments made by January 8,2019 have priority. (Limited seating.) ‣ Bring comfortable clothing When: January 23, 24, 25 /2019. Wed, Thurs, Fri Where: The Home of OM[masked]th Street SW., Calgary, Alberta Time: 10am - 6pm Register: EMAIL : [masked] Go to : thaiyogamassage.guru More info: [masked] Phone:[masked]

Intuition Development Circle with Carrie

The Home Of Om


Cost for this circle is $12. The goal is simply to strengthen our connections with Spirit. We all hear that it takes patience, practice and time, so lets make the time and practice. We'll spend time together in a circle meditating, connecting with our Spirit Guides, and sometimes doing exercises if time and number of participants permits. Sometimes people find it easier to connect with Spirit while sitting in group energy. The mind can settle down a little easier sitting in a group of like minded people and it can be a little easier to ride on the energy and allow for deeper experiences. The one potential hurdle, and I'll mention it here so that we can avoid it, is putting ourselves down or thinking that we are not good enough from comparing our experiences with others. Remember your experience is your experience. This is a time to take for you, to strengthen your connections with your Family of Light and developing intuitive abilities. Some person may get a color another person may go on an elaborate adventure. No experience is any better than the other. We all need time to get over our beliefs, heal our hurts, let go of our misconceptions and learn to let ourselves allow. That's a big one. How often have you sat to meditate and the mind kept telling you that you have got better things to go do than just sit here and imagine things? No comparing. Encouraging, learning, growth and laughter is allowed in this safe space. Tonight is being led by Carrie, a certified and experienced psychic medium and host of our monthly Dragon meditations. Private sessions with me can be booked here: https://my.setmore.com/bookingpage/1437a701-be25-4598-8551-a2fe1eee9019/resourcebookingpage/rce5a1463365963149

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