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Sound Bath Yoga w. Hailey
Sound Bath Yoga $10.00 for a one and a half hour class. Please arrive early as we start at 5:30 sharp! This 2,500 year old practice blended with rare access to over 10 QUARTZ CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS will leave you feeling rejuvenated and just the right amount self love before you tuck yourself in for the night! Through out class enjoy the healing vibration of beautiful singing bowls during relaxation. Not only that, but this dynamic class works with meditation IN the postures. That's right, no leg over the head or double jointed arms needed, relax where you are today and heal your body and mind with this mesmerizing class. Receive your own MESSAGE with the help of Hailey's favorite deck of oracle cards. You also have the option to work with crystals and oils at the end of each class, and as always a beautiful sound bath during the final relaxation/meditation. Beginners, intermediates, and expert yogis are welcome! We provide mats as they are available, blocks, water and an encouraging atmosphere every time . Thank you :)

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The world is full of energy. We are part of that energy that ebs and flows through out the planet. My goal is for you to find your own energy and also benefit from interacting with others in a healthy sustainable way that can bring peace and harmony to your life. You may not understand all the dynamics of radio waves, nor can you see them; but yet when you turn on your radio you are confident you will find the music. Let me help you find your light.

We seem to live in a world that thinks through life's harsh times we learn the most. By falling down, yes we do indeed learn to stand up but would it not be nice to have the wonderful lessons without bruises all over our faces? If we tune into our energy and that around us we can pick on on thoughts and ideas that are given to protect us and help us grow in peace.

If you are a parent, would you not want your child to grow in peace instead of disharmony? We learn much better when at peace. If you are reading a book in stillness or trying to read it with somebody yelling at you telling you that you are not good enough, which situation would foster the best understanding of what you just read? The one read in stillness. We can find this stillness from within even when the world outside of you is in cauos. It does not mean you have to be. The growth will happen, its just helping you get there with the least amount of bumps and bruises. To maintain your self worth and love and leave the viscous ego that tells you you are not good enough aside.

We do this by learning about meditation and recognizing helpful hints from your spirit helpers. Does not matter to me if you call them angels or spirit guides or bumblebees named Joe. What matters is you feel you are not alone. Trust your gutt.. your intuition. We all have it. Learn to flex yours.

Things we cover: meditation, past life regression, quantum hypnosis, practice nights, activating your pineal gland, angels, reiki, crystals, and just generally enjoying each others company.

We welcome you and encourage you that you were brought here for a reason and are so excited to help you find it and for you to help others find their own reason

You dont have to prepay for classes. The rule is that if you sign up for a class and dont show up or cancel 24 hours or less, you are still responsible for the class fee.

Those that sign up and do not show up 3 times will be removed from the group and asked to register in person or on website

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