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Self-Inquiry: TOUCH YOUR SOUL at Dyad Night.

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“After Self-Realization, one does not regard any other gain superior to Self-Realization.” The Bhagavad Gita

Calm your Mind, Open your Heart, Touch your Soul!

You are the Living Truth. The Truth is Source, Spirit, Essence, God. Call it what you want. The Truth is beyond labels. Labels, like teachings, are but fingers pointing at the moon. Only the moon is the moon!

But don't take my word for it. See for your self! Be for your self! In this practice, the only thing that is taught is a technique. The technique is a tool that will help you to realize the Truth of You.

Think about it: the truth is simply what actually is. You are simply who you are! Our thoughts, beliefs, preconceived notions, feelings and perceptions are just our thoughts, beliefs, preconceived notions, feelings and perceptions. They all come through the filters of our mind, emotions, and bodies. At best, they are the finger pointing at the moon. When we look at the moon, what we see is NOT the moon, but an image created through a series of biological, chemical, etc. processes. The moon is the moon! The truth is the Truth!

In this practice, we unlearn. We strip away our thoughts, beliefs, preconceived notions, feelings and perceptions by first experiencing them through inquiry, and clearing them through expression, inevitably arriving at the Truth. IT REALLY WORKS!!!

What is a dyad, and why do it?

The "dyad" is a heart-to-heart, partner assisted contemplative practice of inquiring into Truth. For the vast majority of people, progress towards clearing and calming the mind, healing and opening the heart, happens much faster than using silent sitting meditation. Rather than solely observing your thoughts, feelings and experience as you would in silent meditation, what you will do is express them as they come up to a listening partner, who does their best to put there full attention on you and receive your expression without judgement. In this way of giving, receiving, and actually being understood by another, a great weight is lifted from our hearts and minds, leaving us a whole lot Lighter.

How does it work?

There will be two rows of chairs facing each other. You will sit down in a chair, and another fellow seeker of Truth will sit across from you. One person will give the instruction "Tell me what's occurring for you right now" to the other. ("What's occurring for me right now" is an adaptation of the classic question "Who am I?". We use this adaptation because "Who am I?" is generally too big of a task for such a short period as a couple of hours.) The one who receives the instruction will then contemplate, and then communicate what comes up to a listening partner (who listens with their full attention, and without judgement as best they can) for 5 minutes, at which time a gong will ring and you will switch roles. The dyad is complete after 40 minutes, four turns each. The evening will begin with some instruction from Trevor, followed by two dyads, and end with a closing circle.

We humans are social creatures. Relating to others is a natural and necessary component in our growth, and the sacred space of the dyad enhances relating in a profound way.This truly is both a beautiful and powerful spiritual practice.

Who will show us how?

For more than 10 years, Trevor has been practicing and training in delivering this technique. It stems from a retreat known as The Enlightenment Intensive. He took his Enlightenment Intensive Master's Training with the world's leading teacher of this method, Lawrence Noyes of Florida, and also practiced extensively with the 30+ year veteran Murray Kennedy of Vancouver.

Trevor has also trained in several Eastern traditions, most notably in Zen Buddhism during a six month sabbatical at the monastery known as Plum Village in France, under the beloved and world renowned Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, affectionately known as Thay (teacher).

Fee for the evening is $20.

And...Come as you are, whoever you are :-)

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