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Coaching The Soul. Affordable and Life Changing

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Price: CA$30.00 /per person
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We live a day to day life where we are constantly hearing other peoples opinions and sometimes we lose ourselves in the illusions others have created for us. This creates a blindness to our own energy, our own visions and our own desires. We know if we listen to our brain all the time, we can over analyses and be critical on ourselves. We then have the issues of not just listening to our brain.. but then trying to figure out everybody else's brain too. We get lost. If we then just listen to our heart, we tend to over extend ourselves, make choices from fear, rejection, and sometimes love when we get it right. If you are not your brain and you are not your heart... who are you? Do you know your SOUL?

Your soul is the essense of your spirit that never lies to you, it only wants you to be happy, helps you create and maintain healthy relationships, awakens you to your life purpose, helps you be vulnerable and find love and helps you to see yourself through the eyes of your source and your divine. Many people want to be able to see a Life Coach or "SOUL COACH" but cannot afford it as you need to remain committed to it. This is how this program will work.

Every Wednesday for 4 weeks we will meet. The two hour class will be a discussion on a new topic to start your journey, as well as a clearing meditation and a soul talk. We will work on a exercise, so bring a journal, and discuss. At the end of the class you will be given 6 more envelopes. In each one will be a message for your soul for the day as well as an exercise for you to do that day to inspire that growth. The next Wednesday we get together to discuss the homework and we begin again.

Each class is 30.00 or you can pay 100 upfront for all classes. You can come to one of the classes or all of them. THey are not designed to be sequential to make sure anybody could drop in. This is a commitment to your life not to mine and my ideals. I am living my dream everyday of my life and know that I am no different or better than anybody. You all deserve to be happy. I can help you... and you can help each other. You dont go to the gym once and expect abs of steel right. Work your soul, find yourself and get the life you deserve.



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