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Past Relationship Karmic Release & Sensual Connection with the Divine

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Are you interested in clearing past relationship energies that may still be lingering in your body and aura?

Would you like to deepen your sensual connection with spirit?

Are you currently looking to make “space” and “prepare” for a new Beloved?

Would you like to more deeply explore the energetic sensual realm?

Do you feel like its time to hit the energetic restart button on your current relationship?

Join us Saturday, March 8th for 5 transformational hours as we journey deep into clearing, release, exploration and embodiment of wholness.


This workshop is for you if:

-Looking for a new relationship
-You feel like there is a gap between spirit & sexuality
-You have had been in past abusive relationships
-You would like to refresh your current relationship
-Would like to explore your sensual nature in a safe supportive space
-Lingering grief & heart-break from a recent or past relationship
-Would enjoy a nice clearing and release of old energies

What we will be doing:

-Active journey releasing Meditations
-Utilizing powerful transformational tools for clearing ------Learn a profound 3 minute ritual to connect with your sensual divine self
-Dancing and dyads
-Sharing our authentic/true selves in community
-Working with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

More About the Event

When we merge with other people in relationship, and we are not in a state of "embodied" wholeness, sovereignty, and full self-responsibility, what can happen is that we take on our partner’s karmic energies. These energies settle into our physical and energy bodies, and we may even experience these as our own - identifying with them as our reality. Not only does this disempower us, it takes up space, and rules our everyday lives including interactions & relationship to self and others - even subtly.

Most often, people carry this "stuff" around with them everywhere they go, even carrying it forward into new partnerships. Ever lost yourself in relationship? Even if that relationship is past (sometimes long gone), you'll sometimes hear their words coming out of your mouth, recognize their hated behaviors in the way you treat the people around you, or yourself.

These Karmic energies from past and present partners are more difficult to release when there are unconscious blocks. These blocks can be in the form of unforgiveness, projection, and psychic agreements (contracts). An example of a psychic agreement that one may have with a past lover: “To never allow anyone else to get “deeper” into your heart than your last lover.” This could have been an agreement that was made during the relationship when you were deeply in-love, and was never consciously cleared. Thus, preventing you from opening your heart to your current partner - whom is really great for you.

Join us in identifying these energies, conscious and unconscious, and releasing them from your body and aura once and for all. Let us help you make space so that you may be more of who YOU are, without anyone else’s debris - free to choose how you move forward with your new-found clarity and openness.

Once you've released and stepped out of these past relationship patterns and energetic connections, we will share with you the powerful process to maintain and thrive in your own self love. Emerging into a beautiful relationship with yourself, and creating quick and powerful rituals that allow you to integrate higher and higher levels of self love, and connection with that divine lover.

We know that supporting new patterns in your life takes conscious effort, so each of the participants will be gifted a luscious post workshop self care package and suggestions for short integration exercises for the week following.

About Your Hosts

Elena Harder is a JoyGasm Catalyst. Her mission is healing the rift between sensuality and spirituality through the integration of delicious sacred and sensual pleasure into daily life. She loves helping others take charge of their stress response and recognize it for what it is, your single best catalyst to create lasting change. Her philosphy: Tasting your JoyGasm is the 30 second solution to the stresses of every day life. Using these powerful tools in her own life, she has gone from a daily rollercoaster of emotions in a 5 year abusive relationship, to calm, cool, and full of pleasure as a single mom, entrepreneur & participant in daily traffic gridlock. She stands as a Vision of Love and Light, inviting you to live your true self, and love yourself more than you ever thought possible.

Cindy Mary is a Priestess of Ascension Energy Therapy. A woman devoted to a path of spiritual mastery for the purpose of embodying her Master Presence – for her own soul evolution, and for the evolution of the collective. As a Clairvoyant healer with an affinity for shadow-work she is passionate about lovingly exposing the parts of ourselves that we have denied, repressed, and hidden because we have been unwilling to face them.

She has been consciously working with the Pleiadians since 2009. The Pleiadians are a strong guiding force in her life. She currently works intimately with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light in meditation and client sessions on a daily basis. Logistics

Tickets are $127 before March 1st and $157 at the door. You can also secure your spot with a $35 deposit, and pay the remainder (based on your time of ticket purchase at the door)

Home of OM
812 Edmonton Trail NE

March 8th 2014

Please Bring
-Please Arrive at 11:45am for a prompt NOON start time.
-Event will run 12- 5pm. with a 45 minute potluck lunch break.
-We will be sitting on the floor, please bring a pillow, backjack, yoga mat or nest to your preference. (some chairs avaliable, please let us know so we can prepare for you)
-Bring Water and any snacks you might want for the day.
-A journal and pen
-Your open and willing to change self. :)

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