∞ Max Meditation With Science & Energy ∞ Your Energy Within You For Change

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We begin with intention honing, then a meditation on the honed intention, followed by discussion of the nightly technique, (garnished by Science considerations) completed with an even deeper meditation on the honed intention buffed up by the nightly technique. Each mediation is building off the previous meditations to take you to another max level. Don't worry if you miss a meditation, as you will still get significant benefit from each session.

Mary Anne and Steve both have over 19 years combined experience researching and exploring spirituality. This passion helps them stay present.

Tonight's discussion is all about the energy within your body and how you can control it.
• What is that "energy" within each of us?
• Is there a vibration, color, texture etc to the energy that you need to be aware of?
• How to use your Chakras, using your own words to describe each and to see if you need to balance them and how you balance them. This will be a new way for balancing your Chakras
• Can you see, hear and feel your energy within your aura (also called subtle bodies: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, ethereal, and astral) to help you get them all back into balance, so they communicate in synchronicity again?
• Teena from The Home Of OM will be joining us explain what Prana and Bio-energy healing is and how it all ties within each of you.
• Which Angels are waiting to help
• and more

Mary Anne and Steve with Teena will explain how dealing with the energy within you, that it can help transform your personal word dictionary to achieve maximum results in your every day life. It will help you to bring the changes you want within your life quicker and easier.

You will learn where you are at right now and after you will be in control to decide where you want to go.

Take yourself to the MAX LEVEL TONIGHT!!!!

COST: $10.00 or more gets you in the door.