• 🛡️ BraveIT Conference at the Intrepid

    Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

    The BraveIT 2019 Conference is going to be an exceptional event taking place at the amazing Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, and includes a performance from iLuminate (they were on America’s Got Talent) and a Sunset Cocktail Reception on the Rooftop Flight Deck! Conference topics include: ► What 5G Really Means for IT ► CXO Below Deck Experience ► Women in Tech Networking Breakfast & AR Experience ► 2020 Security & Compliance ► IT Leaders Trade Stories & Secrets ► Hyperscale vs. Hyperconverged ► PLUS, a keynote from Retired Major General Brett Williams, USAF Register now at https://braveit.tierpoint.com

  • ✔️Techie Youth LIC Grand Opening! Free Wine, Cheese & Caviar Networking Ceremony

    Techie Youth LIC Grand Opening Ceremony Wine, Cheese & Caviar Networking Event for professionals in IT/tech or youth-services Techie Youth is a non-profit charity of NYC that trains and guides foster kids and at-risk youth facing homelessness/incarceration to begin a professional career in the tech-sector and become financially stable and self-sufficient. RSVP at http://techieyouth.org/opening ► Explore the beautiful new Techie Youth LIC facility supported by several donors including Craig Newmark Philanthropies (founder of craigslist) ► Witness the legendary ribbon-cutting ceremony ► Enjoy (free) wine, cheese, caviar and other delicacies ► Power-networking: make strategic contacts at this landmark event 100% FREE event, donations appreciated, RSVP NOW at http://techieyouth.org/opening Open to: ► Technology executives and related tech-sector professionals ► Professionals in roles serving youth who are at-risk, underrepresented or special-needs ► City officials and other governing representatives ► Media and press Techie Youth (corner-storefront)[masked]st Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101 Learn more about Techie Youth at https://www.TechieYouth.org

  • Redis Day NYC Conference & Workshop with Redis-Creator Salvatore Sanfilippo

    Join the Redis Community at the Largest East Coast Gathering for the World's Fastest Database Redis Day NYC featuring: ⦿ Salvatore Sanfilippo, Creator of Redis ⦿ Yiftach Schoolman, Founder of Redis Labs ⦿ Moe Chaieb, Infrastructure Developer of Shopify ⦿ and many more masters of Redis... Register NOW for the FREE Redis Day conference at https://redis.info/2HcZIBp The conference is totally free when you register with the link above; the optional workshop-day has a very small fee. Redis Day includes breakfast, lunch & happy hour PLUS giveaways and prizes! Redis Day NYC is a 2-day event comprised of a training workshop, and a full-day conference featuring user stories and developer updates from the Redis world. Join us to share your experience using Redis and connect with peers to hear their stories on solving the challenges they faced. Meet the Redis developers and learn about the powerful features. Register at https://redis.info/2HcZIBp At Redis Day you will learn: ⦿ What is coming in the future Redis 6 ⦿ Tips and tricks from fellow Redis users ⦿ How companies are using Redis, both big and small ⦿ Ways that other Redis enthusiasts are using streams and modules Topics covered include: ⦿ Real-time ⦿ Streams ⦿ PubSub ⦿ Search ⦿ Graph ⦿ Microservices ⦿ Serverless ⦿ and many more! Don't miss this awesome event, register NOW at https://redis.info/2HcZIBp

  • Hybrid Databases ☯️ The Yin & Yang of Transactional and Analytical Processing

    • Free liquors/wines, caviar, exquisite cheeses, delicacies, freebies + win a Google Nest Hub! The event begins with swag-giveaways, food/drinks & Geek-Pong (Ping-Pong for Techies) at 6:30pm • Gregory Dorman, VP of Analytics, MariaDB • A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/hybrid-database In this action-packed presentation, we will discuss the challenges involved in handling a wide spectrum of workloads and how you can solve them by leveraging unique and adaptive multi-storage engine architectures to create a true hybrid database system. Using a number of specialized engines, each with its own secret sauce, and collaborating in real time, you can build a hybrid database system that supports modern business needs and associated application patterns without requiring costly, fragile and overcomplicated custom architectures - saving both time and money. Separating transactional and analytical processing has become a totally old-school antiquated approach that is no longer acceptable. Modern digital businesses, and the applications needed to run them, require support of rapid data-driven decision-making within increasingly-complex business environments that need answers to data-driven questions in a timely manner. This instills the need for the database to handle a wide spectrum of workloads, from huge volumes of miniscule transactions predominantly inserting data (i.e. IoT) to operational loads with many concurrent transactions and a high proportion of updates, to analytical loads of large and complex queries traversing large numbers of rows with complex filtering, aggregation and calculation. You need a hybrid database to do all this effectively; come and enjoy this presentation, where you will learn all about hyrbid databases and how you can benefit from all the gains that it provides! ••• Gregory Dorman, VP of Analytics, MariaDB ••• Gregory Dorman is VP of Analytics at MariaDB Corporation (http://www.mariadb.com) Prior to joining MariaDB, Gregory served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of iWay Software, a division of Information Builders, a provider of data integration, data quality and data mastering tools and technologies. He has also previously worked as Chief Software Architect for BusinessObjects. Gregory has formerly served as Vice President of Engineering for Oracle Corporation, where he worked on developing and enhancing the analytical capabilities of the Oracle database; in particular, integrating OLAP and OLTP engines, as well as inventing and designing analytical extensions to SQL. • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm •••> You can utilize technology to help a foster-child without parents or family redirect their life! Learn how now: https://www.TechieYouth.org

  • 🏦A Streaming Journey of Oracle to Hadoop/NoSQL based on a major US Bank's story

    • Free T-shirts, wine/brandy, caviar, cheeses, goodies + 2-PEOPLE will win Samsung Smartwatches! • Michael Elkin, Co-Founder & COO, DBS-H • A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/sql-to-nosql Everyone is talking about how the free flow of data in real time is the most important key success factor for an enterprise today. And yet, in most enterprises, the key business data is still in "lock down", held captive by their Oracle gatekeeper (or similar database) and data flow is at-best based on old-fashioned batch-oriented, massively intrusive and delayed-delivery ETL routines. However, enterprises can have their cake and eat it too by using real-time SQL to big data/cloud transaction streaming technology. They can enjoy the business benefits of Oracle-based legacy systems while democratizing key business data simultaneously, to be consumed in real-time by enterprise units using whatever big data engine they decide best suits their business needs. Maintaining legacy key business systems is necessary so that the enterprise can continue to thrive, but at the same time the data that is created and stored in these systems should be free to run, take on new forms and deliver competitive advantage far and above what was ever possible before. Come and learn how you can do that at this information-packed event, and you will soon become the superstar at your enterprise! In this session, we will discuss: ❧ CDC vs ETL approach: what is the best way to achieve non-intrusive, real time transaction streaming from core SQL databases ❧ LIVE DEMO on the diversity of targets: how a single SQL transaction can be pushed into non-relational targets such as Hadoop (Kafka, HBASE, Hive) or NoSQL engines like MongoDB, Neo4j and Elasticsearch. ❧ Enabling converged-cloud by streaming from an AWS Oracle RDS source to another region, or even to another cloud like Azure CosmosDB ❧ LIVE DEMO of Oracle feeding the public cloud: real time streaming from Oracle on-premise to the public cloud using AWS S3 and Google BigQuery ❧ Lessons learned and technology enhancements including: • • • Ultra-fast streaming to Kafka without waiting for Oracle commit • • • Hbase secondary indexes and Hive external tables envelope • • • Data compare and delta sync with internal conflict resolution • • • Neo4j: from referential constraints to graph relations ❧ The true "BigData" story from a top US bank transitioning from streaming technology as an enabler to a successful BigData project ••• Michael Elkin, Co-Founder & COO, DBS-H ••• Michael Elkin is the co-founder and chief technical lead at DBS-H Ltd. (http://www.dbs-h.com) Michael leads customer operations and development of the DBS-H streaming engine that is based on a cutting edge CDC technology. Michael is a database professional with more than 15 years of experience with different database technologies. He started as Oracle DBA at Amdocs where Michael was responsible for performance tuning some of the largest databases in the Telco industry, early adaption of Oracle RAC on Linux as well as implementation and benchmarks of CDC products like Shareplex and GoldenGate. As a senior database professional and architect at Cisco, Michael has led projects on Oracle BI integration, adoption of MongoDB as well as database integration in AWS cloud. Michael can be found on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mielkin • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm •••> You can utilize technology to help a foster-child without parents or family redirect their life! Learn how now: https://www.TechieYouth.org

  • 😲Big Data Analytics for Financial Services: 10 Ways You'll Get Addicted to SQL!

    • Free T-shirts, wine & beer and pizza PLUS win a Beats Wireless PowerBeats Pro! • Nikita Ogievetsky, Head of Solutions Engineering, Xcalar • A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/big-data-sql Big Data is hard. Complex business logic transformations across large, high velocity volumes of data often requires specialists and highly skilled experts. Learn how to use an intuitive SQL IDE to democratize big data and empower database developers and analysts to build complex data pipelines that were previously only achievable with Spark and similar platforms. Just think of the possibilities! Join Nikita Ogievetsky, a 20-year veteran of the Financial Services sector turned Xcalar's Head of Solutions Engineering, to see how you can simplify and accelerate the data computing needs of the financial industry, and how those gains can help you out as well! Top 5 Reasons why you need to attend: ❧ Free food, wine, fun trivia and SWAG! ❧ Learn how to detect fraudulent trading, and extract knowledge graphs from legal documents ❧ See real-world use-cases how a MAJOR investment bank realized a 10x TCO reduction as well as performance improvements on its analytics ❧ Experience a unique visual design, integrating SQL and structured programming paradigms that accelerate the ability to develop, test and operationalize big data analytics ❧ You can win the hot new Powerbeats Pro wireless earbud headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre! ••• Nikita Ogievetsky, Head of Solutions Engineering, Xcalar ••• Nikita is the Head of Solutions Engineering for Xcalar (https://xcalar.com) and specializes in delivering complex analytics solutions for Fortune 100 companies, with a primary focus on the Financial Services sector. In addition to earning advanced degrees in Physics and Maths, Nikita has over two decades of experience in both leading and building advanced analytics systems at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and many other reputable firms. • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm •••> You can utilize technology to help a foster-child without parents or family redirect their life! Learn how now: https://www.TechieYouth.org

  • 💥 Application Architecture for Reducing Latency +Brandy, Brie, Caviar & Prizes

    • Free XO-VSOP brandy, caviar, brie, fine cheeses, giveaways PLUS win a Samsung Galaxy Watch! • Joe Sherwin, Senior Solution Architect, Hazelcast • A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/latency Low latency is a gateway for the next generation of computing and data processing that enables us to create applications that were previously unimaginable. These applications can incorporate AI constructs while operating at the edge of a network, and do it all in real time. In this presentation we will discuss: ‣ Application architecture for reducing latency ‣ The business impact of latency in applications ‣ Building latency killing applications ‣ In-memory partitioned data storage ‣ How to process data streams in real-time ••• Joe Sherwin, Senior Solution Architect, Hazelcast ••• Joe Sherwin is a senior level Solution Architect at Hazelcast with 23 years of experience in the design, development and implementation of application systems within multi-tier distributed computing environments. Mr. Sherwin has been instrumental in the development of large-scale mission critical E-commerce, insurance and financial systems while working with clients such as Vanguard, Fannie Mae, Federal Reserve Bank, Citi Group, Bear Stearns, Fixed Income Clearing Corporation, Comcast Corp, Webster Bank, Gartner Group, The Hartford Life Company, IBM Global Services, Mass Mutual, Lincoln National Financial Corporation, Bank of America and Barnes & Noble Online Group. Mr. Sherwin's experience includes architecting & implementing solutions using CORBA, RMI, Java EE compliant distributed object architectures, in-memory high transaction/low latency solutions using Hazelcast IMDG, GemFire, Ehcache and Oracle Coherence, as well as solutions deployable on IaaS or PaaS platforms like Cloud Foundry, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and Heroku. • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm •••> You can utilize technology to help a foster-child without parents or family redirect their life! Please learn how NOW at: https://www.TechieYouth.org

  • Apache Cassandra Conference 🤖 40%-off Datastax Accelerate 2019 in DC!

    Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

    Come to the world premier Apache Cassandra conference, DataStax Accelerate in Washington, D.C. on May 21-23! With 70+ technical sessions to choose from, you will LEARN THE SECRETS OF CASSANDRA directly from peers, end-users and leading Cassandra and DataStax experts! ► Register now at https://www.datastax.com/accelerate ► Get 40% off your conference pass with promo code NYMEETUP40 IMPORTANT: Don't wait, register NOW! The NYMEETUP40 code is limited to the first 40 registrants; if the code does not work then all the discounted-tickets have already been used by other attendees. You can still attend by registering at the full price. At DataStax Accelerate, you will: ● Hear from leading industry experts on how companies large and small are using Cassandra to seamlessly launch hybrid cloud applications at massive scale and what makes DataStax/Apache Cassandra the most innovative database technology. ● Learn directly from real end-users such as American Airlines, IBM, T-Mobile, Walgreens and METRONOM about how Apache Cassandra and DataStax can help you accelerate IT transformation at scale on any cloud. ● Be the first to hear about new product announcements covering Cassandra 4.0, DataStax Enterprise and more. ● Join us the day before the conference for the Apache Cassandra Application Development Bootcamp to learn how to build an application based on Cassandra that can run anywhere. This conference is perfect for everyone interested in learning about the future of data technologies- whether you are a developer, architect, administrator, or executive, there will be a multitude of opportunities for you to be inspired! Some of the 70+ sessions include: ● DataStax for High Volume, Real-Time Applications, presented by American Airlines ● Apache Cassandra - The Road to 4.0, keynote presented by Nate McCall, Apache Cassandra Project Chair ● DataStax Enterprise in Azure - Walgreens path to the Cloud-Based Microservices applications, presented by Walgreens ● Migrating 500 Nodes from Rackspace to Google Cloud with Zero Downtime, presented METRONOM GmbH ● Running a Globally Distributed Cassandra Cluster on Kubernetes in the Cloud, presented by IBM ● Casquatch: an open source Java abstraction layer for Cassandra databases, presented by T-Mobile ► Register NOW at https://www.datastax.com/accelerate with our 40%-off promo code NYMEETUP40

  • OpenSourceERPs Hackathon for Professionals & Students! HUGE PRIZES! Almost-Free!

    Open Source ERP is open to both Hackathon participants and observers! Tickets to this 3-DAY 48-HOUR hackathon are nearly-free for all participants - student tickets are just $10, standard tickets are just $25! Open Source ERP is the global collegiate and professional hackathon where some of the brightest and most talented students, mentors and professionals come together to drive and create new solutions for existing Open Source ERP problems for the Agriculture, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality and Non-Profit industries. Full info at https://opensourceerps.com/hackathon • GRAND PRIZE: Free trip to Europe's largest hackathon- HackZurich in Switzerland (where you can win even more prizes!) • Other prizes include $2,000 Coding Scholarship, $1,000 Cash Prize, one month of student loan payments for the entire team and other great prizes! • Attendees from all backgrounds, genders, and geographies are welcome; there are no country restrictions and no age restrictions (under-18 okay!) This annual competition pits teams and individual hackers against some pretty devious coding challenges in the world of Open Source ERP (enterprise resource planning). ERP tools help businesses in a variety of industries manage their end-to-end web processes in fields such as finance, HR, manufacturing and supply chain management. Some of the challenges include integrating ERPs into a company’s existing web structure, and even building an entire ERP in 48 hours. Register NOW at https://opensourceerps.com/hackathon HACKATHON CHALLENGES: • Build an Open Source ERP in 48 Hours • Build an industry specific module or extension • Build an Integration between a Sponsors API and an ERP Learn more at https://opensourceerps.com/hackathon • Use any software programming language • Use any openly licensed APIs and SDKs • Each challenge has one or two special criteria (ie. special ingredients) that will not be released until the actual date and time of the event. • Any software development tools, game engine, or IDE can be used for the event. • Teams can consist of 2 to 5 members; exceptions can be made for larger teams, contact the hackathon committee to discuss this. • Showing up without a finalized team? No problem! Finalize your team and/or join another team online during the Pre-Event Team Mixer. Sign up NOW at https://opensourceerps.com/hackathon This is a competition where a savvy programming team can make a statement and change their lives. We have had competitors impress someone here and wind up getting job offers from major companies before they hit the lobby.

  • 🏔️ Diving Under the Hood of a Gen-III Cloud Data Warehouse

    Gibney Dance, Studio U

    • Free hard drinks with chocolate bars, caviar, cheeses & more, plus swag giveaways + win a Sphero BOLT App-Enabled Robot! • Emma McGrattan, SVP of Engineering, Actian • A Database Month event http://www.DBMonth.com/database/actian-avalanche From the perspective of an experienced engineering thought leader, Emma McGrattan, SVP Engineering, Actian Corporation, will deliver a deep dive into Actian's newly launched Gen-III cloud data warehouse. You will learn about the key considerations for building a fully managed, multi-cloud data warehouse with federated query capabilities, that is built for hybrid data. Emma will teach you the key success factors for migrating to columnar analytics, and how to gain actionable insights from an operational data warehouse. This presentation will also teach you how to deliver insights from real-time data economically and at scale with hybrid data, regardless of location- in the cloud, on-premises or both. ••• Emma McGrattan, SVP of Engineering, Actian ••• As SVP of Engineering at Actian, Emma leads research and development for the Actian Vector, Actian Vector in Hadoop, Actian X and Ingres teams. A recognized authority in DBMS and Big Data technologies, Emma is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences. Emma has recently celebrated over 25 years in Ingres and Actian Engineering. Educated in Ireland, Emma holds a Bachelors of Electrical Engineering degree from Dublin City University. • Swag giveaway + food/drinks at 6:30pm • Power-Networking at 6:35pm • Presentation starts at 6:40pm •••> You can utilize technology to help a foster-child without parents or family redirect their life! Learn how now: https://www.TechieYouth.org