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The North Austin Pƒotographic Society is an inclusive, north Austin photo club dedicated to educating, inspiring and motivating its members through frequent face-to-face activities at regular club meetings. The club is open to photographers of all levels from true beginners (no camera required) to professionals. This group is to allow people to coordinate and manage photo outings. To join NAPƒS or to learn more about the club, please visit https://napfs.org .

Some events require NAPƒS membership - those events will state this requirement.

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Monthly NAPƒS Photowalk - March

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Moonrise over New Sweden Church

Needs a location

Shoot the moon as it rises over the New Sweden Church. Located about 15 minutes east of Pflugerville, this historical church makes a great backdrop to watching the full moon rising. If you're inclined, you could try a time-lapse sequence of the moon rise. To be clear, the shoot location is not AT the church, but about 1/2 mile from the church. This gives good relative proportions to the moon and church, as in the above photo. The shoot: Any lens from[masked]mm on the low end up to 600mm or more will produce an interesting shot. The sample photo is roughly the scene you'll capture. That was shot at 225mm. My preferred shot would be at about 750mm. Exposures aren't very long (roughly 1/125s at 500 ISO), so they could be hand-held. Tripod will make for a more pleasant experience. The location is actually on the side of a country road. It would be better to share a ride. I'll suggest a meeting place to move gear into a smaller number of cars if I can find one. (there is little traffic on the road) WARNING: This shoot is on the first day of daylight savings, so beware of time change. Moonrise is at 6:38 pm Moon azimuth at horizon is 75 degrees. Sunset is at 7:35 pm

Bird Photography at La Lomita

Needs a location


Please read and understand the details before signing up. This event requires an overnight stay* in Uvalde (west of San Antonio). The actual bird blind shoot is on Saturday, April 11. This event is for club members of NAPƒS only. You can join here: (https://napfs.org/Club/MembershipInfo.aspx) La Lomita Wildlife Photography Ranch is a premiere bird photography site. They have designed the blinds especially for bird photography. They have a morning blind to take advantage of the morning sun, and, similarly, an afternoon blind to take advantage of the afternoon. Each has a water feature with drip and a food source. There are natural perches and manually placed perches to provide entirely naturally looking photos. The fee required to RSVP this event covers all La Lomita expenses (fee+tip). You will be required to pay this up front to reserve a slot. (more details to come) *While technically not a requirement, there is high risk in attempting to drive up first thing in the morning.

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