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Nappiology © - the study of natural beautiful hair and nappy roots

Embracing, Educating and Celebrating our natural beauty and nappy roots!

Nappiology is an active natural hair social networking group in DFW since November 17, 2007. Nappiology was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Texas jurisdiction in March 12, 2009.

We are looking for people who have kinky, wavy, curly, coily, and naturally nappy beautiful hair and nappy roots.

Nappiology is an engaged napptural hair community of members who read the nappiology discussion board material, submit salon and product suggestions and also reviews or locates stylist in your area. We're an active social networking hair group bonded together by our love of natural beauty and nappy roots.

Nappiology, Inc. is a non profit organization that embraces and celebrates natural hair and educates others on natural beauty.

The Nappiology community is composed of those visiting the site to learn, share, and make informed purchases and decisions across multiple categories and material. In the hair care category alone, a significant percentage of our nappiology members buys several natural hair care products per month.

We are inviting you to be a part of this NAPPIOLOGY celebration. Throughout the year, Nappiology, Inc highlights various salons and other providers who cater to the needs of our organization. We look forward to you becoming a member or our extended team as we continue to grow in our knowledge of natural hair care.

The choice to go natural has grown tremendously. Women and men everywhere are choosing healthy natural hair over tradition. A significant percentage of African Americans are now wearing their hair chemical-free and that number is rapidly increasing. Natural twist, braids, locks and afros are popular at high schools and college campuses. Natural hair is becoming the main stream in our society especially in the advertisement industry. For example: We are seeing more natural hair models being exposed in tv commercials and advertisements.

Nappiology would like for you to be a part of this natural hair movement. If you have an interest in going natural, maintaining your natural look, discussing natural hairstyles or you just want to meet new friends that love their natural styles then you have found the right place!


Thank you in advance for your napptural interest and support!

nappiness begets happiness!!

de phillips johnson


educate, embrace and celebrate your napptural (nappy and natural) beautiful hair!

a © 2010 Nappiology, Inc and the Nappiology shield design are registered trademarks of Nappiology . The natural hair group names, logos and designs are registered trademarks of Nappiology, Inc. All other Nappiology-related trademarks are trademarks of Nappiology, Inc. © PRIVACY POLICY


I encourage each of you to get involved as a member, grow and learn with Nappiology. Nappiology is the study of naturally nappy beautiful hair and nappy roots. There are areas of interest for everyone; and as with every experience, you will gain from Nappiology what you put into it. Talk to others who are involved, help and guide one another on your naptural journey. There are members from all over the community who will be happy to share information. Become a NAPPIOLOGY member today. You will be glad you did. One of my focus areas is to encourage members throughout our organization to abide by the principle of “why do you try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out.” What better principle for an organization like Nappiology than something so natural.

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