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What we’re about

Do you love the classics, but don’t want to feel mired in pretension or formality? Is your copy of Jane Eyre dog-eared and weather-beaten, but you also enjoy keeping up with notable books of a more contemporary nature? New in town and looking to make some friends with similar interests? This club’s for you! :)

This group is dedicated to reading well-crafted fiction, both old and new. We will meet to discuss a book once per month (typically at the East Nashville location of The Local Taco), and the goal is to alternate between classic and contemporary fiction from month to month. We will read all kinds of novels: from light-hearted to more serious in nature, from quick reads to those that may take more time. Any subject is fair game, as long as it’s fiction! Attendance is free, but please consider purchasing a snack or beverage to support our meeting place. :) We want them to keep letting us come back!

If you have RSVPed “Yes” to a meeting, but something comes up and you can’t make it…that’s okay! We all understand; life happens and sometimes you just can’t get there. If this occurs, please be courteous to the group and take a moment to update your RSVP. We’ll miss you, but will look forward to seeing you again in the future! :)

The bottom line: if you love reading fiction and aren’t afraid to delve into an oldie-but-goodie from time to time, this group would love to have you. Women of all ages welcome!

**UPDATE 1/29/17**

Starting with tomorrow's meeting, January 30th, 2017, we will be implementing a new attendance policy. If you are marked as a No Show (in other words, you have RSVPed Yes to a meeting and fail to attend without updating your RSVP) three times, you will be removed from the group. I dislike having to make a rule like this, but it has unfortunately become a bit of a problem in recent months. As mentioned above, we do understand if you need to change your RSVP from Yes to No from time to time-- this new policy only applies to those who fail to attend WITHOUT updating their RSVP. Thank you for your understanding!