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What do you want to talk about?

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Ben R. and 2 others
What do you want to talk about?


This month we'll have a freewheeling group discussion driven by questions and topics you bring to the table. Feel free to submit them ahead of time in the comments below or bring them up in person. Everything related to web development, software engineering, PHP, career, etc. is fair game.

5:30 – Pizza and group discussion begins

Nashville PHP is a community of PHP and Web developers serving the metro Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas. Everyone is welcome, no matter your skill level. Come learn with us!

Follow us at on the Fediverse or at @nashvillephp on Twitter.

Bitcoin Park is our sponsor graciously offering the space for us to get together, and Bitrefill pays for the pizza. Look for the map on this event page for directions.

Parking: There are a few spots to the side and rear of the building, but please *do not* park in the church parking lot. (They have a sign warning you. It’s hard to miss.) You’re welcome to park anywhere else. After 5pm, street parking is usually easy to find, especially along Magnolia Blvd.

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Nashville PHP
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