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Get your App Idea to Next Stage - Technical Consultancy for your Startup
We all have our startup ideas but sometimes due to lack of budget or technical expertise we hesitate to startup. You can attend this meetup if you want to discuss - Technical details/challenges - Platforms/Tools recommended as per todays - Kind of team/skills your product need - ways/options to build simple prototype of your product - Understand the pricing/budget charged by Freelances/Companies and understand which one to go for at current stage. This is paid meetup of Rs. 900/ per person for 1 hour discussions. This is not one-to-one sessions and you might have to discuss your project in front of others so please don't attend if you feel your idea/product is super secret. We believe in implementations and can help you to implement. You can assure you to give honest feedback on technology/platforms/hiring your product need. You can attend this meetup now or attend later after getting worst experience of any freelancer/agency. The problem in todays world is everyone will say yes to your budget whether they are capable of it or not. And other fact is whatever budget you set is always less for any real life product. Smart decision is to really understand what set of features you need now and whether it's possible in your budget or not. If not then what feature you can remove without impacting the quality of the product. If you are looking for feedback/suggestion from third party team whom you can trust then lets meetup. About Me: I am having more than 10 years of experience in Hard Core Coding and Server Administrations task. Have worked on several small to big projects. Now days struggling to run my own startup and sharing my knowledge and expertise if one of the way to collect funds for my own startup. Buy Tickets from Here,23679

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Because we know how easy it is use open source tools and build awesome website/apps and we wanted to share our knowledge and expertise.

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We want to build an team of doers who help each others to succeed in professional life.

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if you are passionate about App development.
If you want to build your career in App development.
If you want to start your own company/product.
If you just want to know how app development works.
if you want to get familiar with app technology/tools.

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