Newcastle Bitcoin Meetup - with speakers!

Newcastle Bitcoin Meetup
Newcastle Bitcoin Meetup
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Campus North

5 Carliol Square · Newcastle Upon Tyne

How to find us

Head to Campus North - we'll have signs all over the place!

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The Newcastle Bitcoin Meetup is BACK. And this time better than ever. Bloomberg and the FT are speculating that the recent insane runup in the bitcoin price is PURELY IN ANTICIPATION OF THIS EVENT.

Instead of our usual social format, we have three bitcoin OGs lined up to present. These talks are designed to help you make sense of the financial revolution that is happening in real-time right before us.

£4 entry fee will be used to provide beers and snacks for the event!

**Mystery Special Guest**
The Cultural Impact of Reserve Internet Sound Money
Money is integral to most of our daily interactions with the world. So much so that the nature of the money we use affects our behaviour in profound ways. If the world moved from inflationary currencies like pounds and dollars, to a sound money such as bitcoin, what changes to our culture could we expect to see?

Lewis Jackson
Senior Engineer at ASOS, Founder of Where To Spend Bitcoins UK
Forking Hell: Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Nearly 2x
Some weird things have been happening in bitcoin of late. Bitcoin hodlers have been discovering new coins in their wallets that they never purchased. Where did these new currencies come from? Why is it happening? Is there really such thing as a free lunch? And can we expect it to continue?

Neil Woodfine
Growth Manager at Wyre, Remitsy and OKCoin alumni
If a Tree Falls: Sound Money
We keep hearing that money is only a mental construct. A system based on a shared illusion. It only exists because we all agree it exists. But what if there’s something more to it?

Expect the presentations to be challenging. But we’ll make sure they’re accessible to newcomers and veterans alike. Campus North will very kindly be providing free drinks to lubricate some engaging conversation after the talks!

We'll be using collected entrance fees to cover expenses for the event only. If you’re a student, send us a DM and we’ll make sure you can get in for free!

Look forward to seeing you there!

If you want to pay with bitcoin, simply pay the address below and message us to confirm payment.

Entrance fee: 17KBrjFep1xzyFaawAqDHzFbdgyk9Sh7KP

Please make payment according to latest Coinfloor exchange rate.

Campus North,
Sunco House,
5 Carliol Square,
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