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That's So Meta with NICKNISI and The Most Versatile 2KB with ZACHLEAT

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Nick Nisi will discuss Metaprogramming, what it is, how it's useful, and how new language features in JavaScript make it easier than ever!

Zach will go over one of the most underrated but useful and versatile responsive components in the Filament Group component library. This component is the workhorse of our responsive client work. It can adapt to a variety of different use cases. It can adapt behaviorally to different breakpoints. But yet its repo has only a few GitHub stars. You’ll have to show up to find out which one he’s talking about.

As a bonus, Zach will also start the discussion around formulating a new performance metric he’s referring to as The Great Barrier Reflow (a working name), aiming to measure how much a page moves while it’s loading.