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What we’re about

Welcome! As the new Organizer, I've changed this group's name, changed the focus and expanded the area we will cover to really grow this group. Joining this group is a great way for single Foodies to meet and relate to others who are looking for a social outlet to meet new friends at fun, delicious dining events. You don't have to be single or a foodie to join. Check out the calendar to sign up for an event and we look forward to meeting you soon!
New England Single Foodies

About our new Organizer ~ I was born and raised in California and moved to Springfield, Vt in 2015 after investing in real estate in VT and NH. Way back in 2006, I founded 3 Meetup groups... LA Foodies, LA Asian Foodies, and LA Poker Group. LA Foodies was ranked as one of the TOP 100 Meetup Groups in the World! Both LA Foodies and LAPG had about 50 Asst. Organizers or Event Organizers and both groups hosted 20-40 events every month! I stepped down from the Meetup groups when I moved to Vermont but kept the Facebook Foodies and Poker groups. Today, the FB LA Foodies group has over 40,500 members! I added a FaceBook page for New England Single Foodies for our discussions and announcements as the Meetup board does a poor job and no one reads it. Meetup has a very good reservation system and Facebook has a good Discussion board and a poor RSVP system which is why I use both.
Being from LA, CA still not used to the harsh New England winters, so I travel to warm places especially in Jan/Feb so I'd like to find a Co-Organizer who is willing to split the costs and management duties of running this Meetup group. Any takers?

Darrell Lee, Organizer N.E. Single Foodies