Content Marketing for Non-Profits with Vanessa Chase

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You might have heard of the term ‘content marketing,’ but is it something that non-profits should be dabbling in?


Content marketing is a valuable tactic that non-profits can use to drive traffic to their websites or other online channels, engage their community in original content and positions them as an expert in the subject matter. Non-profits have amazing content to share , but most of it is going unnoticed.

Let’s change that.

In this edition on Net Tuesday, we’ll be covering the basics of content marketing (ie everything you need to know), how and why non-profits can use this awesome tactic and look at some examples of non-profits who are rockin’ it.

Our Presenter

Vanessa Chase - @vanessaechase ( | Philanthropy For All (

Vanessa is a writer, non-profit collaborator and philanthropy advocate. Her interest in storytelling and donor relations drives her work. She’s worked in the non-profit sector for the last 5 years and started her copywriting and consulting shop in 2012, working with clients like Love Global Foundation, Union Gospel Mission and National Coalition Against Violent Athletes. In her spare time, Vanessa volunteers with Women Against Violence Against Women, bakes too many cookies and loves to golf.