How Nonprofits Can Use Location-Based Services


Be a Beacon of Goodness: How Nonprofits can Leverage Location-based Services

There are over 290 million mobile phone users in the United States and that number will continue to grow. Geo-location based apps and "check-ins" are becoming mainstream. Nonprofits need to harness this trend to engage supporters while promoting their mission and cause on several social media channels.

This month we dive into the growing location-based marketing trend with geo-location tools of Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, Facebook Places, and SCVNGR, and discover how they can be used to spread awareness, fundraise, build community, and engage action.

Explore how Whrrl’s Societies are used to build communities and bring like-minded people together. Use Foursquare’s “Tips” to increase consciousness and fundraise for your cause or organization. Employ supporters into action by creating SCVNGR challenges. Play a game of tag with Facebook Places to spread your message amongst the 600 million plus Facebook users.

Show Us Your Goods

Following the presentation, we want you to open your tool box and "Show Us Your Goods."

One of the goals of PDXtech4Good is to share ideas and best practices with other nonprofit leaders, cause enthusiasts, and Do-gooders. Build relationships by making connections and helping each other out.

Will you “Show Us Your Goods?” Think of a tool or process that you use at your organization that makes it run a little smoother. Share it with the rest of us so that we can take it back to our organization and impress everyone with our new “power tool.”

Remember, the more you know - the more you'll grow (cue NBC rainbow).

Noland Hoshino is the CEO and co-founder of [B]cause Media (, an internet marketing firm that specializes in helping small businesses and nonprofits strengthen their brand and increase productivity by connecting with current and potential customers/supporters in the social media world.