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Wendy M. Grossman has written about computers, freedom, and privacy for more than 20 years. She is a member of the advisory council of the Open Rights Group ( and the advisory board of Privacy International ( Find out more about her on ( You can also find her on Twitter @wendyg (

Javier Ruiz Diaz is a Campaigner with the Open Rights Group. He joined after working for Unite, organising migrant workers for the living wage campaign. Involved at the inception of open access reporting website Indymedia UK in 1999, he has since been active as a journalist, campaigner and radio documentary producer, tirelessly promoting communication tools for social movements. At the World Social Forum in Brazil he co-ordinated open hardware and software projects to provide instantaneous interpretation of the event to over a 100,000 participants. His other interests include applying open source innovation models to the development of renewable energy technologies and open hardware in general.


Data Privacy is an issue that is of increasing importance not only to civil society organisations, but social change activists and the general public. Data is becoming more open and is being used for good in many ways. We are also using the Internet and our phones every day to talk to each other, mobilise and organise for social change and access public and commercial services. As a result more and more data about us is being accessed, stored and in some case reused without our knowledge. Identity thefts and hacking has also become much more commonplace. However, many of us don’t know much about how we can better protect ourselves online or about the EU and UK laws pertaining to data privacy. This event will examine why it is important, discuss recent examples of data privacy violations, regulations you should be aware of, and most importantly ways that you can help to keep your personal data private.


Data privacy overview
• What's at stake? (why data privacy is important and how it interacts with open data)

What are the risks? Including some national and international examples
• Data breaches
• Social networks
• Mobile devices
• Future scenarios

Legal Obligations - What are the new laws and will they affect you?
• EU Data Retention Act
• EU Data Protection Directive
• The UK Digital Economy Act

How to respond?
• e.g. of best practice/guides e.g. See -Access’s “ A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Identity and Security Online ( and When using Mobile Phones (” and Tactical Tech’s “Security in a Box” (

Protecting Computers and Networks Role of Encryption Data Minimization Discussion/Questions

Drinks! Place to be confirmed!