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When there is no known cure, prevention is the cure. Controlling the production of glucose, not medicating the processing of glucose is the more positive pathway to preventing diabetes from being unchecked.

There are 4 steps to the TriOasis's drug-free approach:

Mental Focus - Food Planning - Physical Motion - Using Medications Correctly

Networking 4 Diabetes is dedicated to mentoring as needed this 4 step approach.

February 2013 I had a Nutritional Intervention that reversed the level of my diabetes. In 48 hours my Wellness as a Life Style approach reset my fasting glucose to acceptable fasting levels.

in 60 days Wellness dropped my A1c more than 2.5 points to 6.5. In the following months I became functionally non-diabetic. I follow daily the simple Wellness as a Life Style habits. But I now eat freely everyday without the guilt and fear that seemed to follow every meal and every doctors visit.

Sharing factual experiences good and bad is what Networking 4 Diabetics is about. Allowing the positives of our successes to help illuminate the pathways for others.

Being a diabetic is not a requirement to attend. You just need to have the desire to help a loved one, yourself or even a cherished enemy!


Think of your huge smile when you discover how HEMO CBD Oils can help manage you diabetes and its complications.

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