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Find a chore buddy - for body doubling (ADHD)

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Find a chore buddy - for body doubling (ADHD)


++ Hi, you can find your chore buddies here until July 6th 2024 - after that date my account on meetup expires.
If you've found a good body doubling buddy make sure you've their contact information outside of meetup if you want to stay in contact with them.
Cheers, P. ++

As ADHD‘ers we struggle to start and finish projects, especially those which don’t sparkle joy for us - like tedious house / administrative work.

Body doubling is an effective & innovative strategy for ADHDers to follow through with such tasks. From doing dishes or sorting papers to cooking a meal - with a person who does the same work at the same time it‘s easier to start + finish our quests.

This is not your classic meetup event, it's more a space where people can look for a virtual body double within our lovely neurodivergent community.


1 RSVP for this "event" with yes

2 Post which chore you want to get done - either on the event board or in the event chat.
This can be everything from teeny tiny to bigger chores, from doing laundry, homeoffice or studying to changing light bulbs, assembling chairs, decluttering, writing a novel or opera buffa.

3 You can also just write „i‘m up for chore X, Y, Z“ if you want to be a non-specific body double.

4 After you got a response you arrange an online appointment - e.g. with it's a fast, easy & free way to set up a videocall.

5 What now?
Now you do your chores simultaneously. It's nothing like a typical work video meeting where both parties sit und communicate from behind their laptops.
No need to sit/talk here. You get together online and start doing your stuff, each one individually and in your own paste/way.
Another person doing something similar at the same time should be stimulus enough to get yourself going.

6 Keep it clean
I don‘t suspect anybody of you lovely people to go wild but I want to make sure to mention that the purpose of body doubling is ONLY to get chores done.

7 Get things done together! 🥳
- And if it doesn't work for you - say goodbye and that's it. No harm done.

Still not sure how it works? Watch this video by "How to ADHD"
or read this article:

- - -
Although this is a test project for mainly ADHDers also autistics and other neurodivergent people can surely benefit from this idea. Give it a try!
- - - - -
This is supposed to be fun and free - for each party. If someone wants money for this: don't pay & report them to me!

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