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Hello, You Wonderful Person™

I am Tamara "River" Easter, organizer of this group. I am passionate about human potential, spirituality and a science geek. My mission is to create a world where everyone thrives.

The main purpose of this community is to share principles and neuroscience that will support us in growing and achieving our goals, dreams, and pursuing our passions.

At least once a month, I organize different types of meetups - like workshops and seminars.

This group is for people who:

1. have a goal or dream that you would like support in creating or

2. not sure what your dream is but feel like there is something more in life for you or

3. are feeling stuck in your life in either your health, relationships, career/creativity or time and money freedom.

There is Greatness in You.

Most people are trained to live a life based on their conditions and circumstances. Living a life of coping and fitting in. You will learn a system of strategies with tools to transform your life and live a life you design--a vision driven life.

You can create a life you love!

I organize workshops in Nevada City, Roseville, and the San Francisco area. I am available to speak at your group and available in other locations upon request.

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3 Keys to Getting Your Life Back on Track!

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Step Into Your Power in 2020!

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